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7 Simple Tricks to Choose the Most Reliable Essay Writing Service

You should be sure that you are addressing the right company. Find out as much information as possible about it, and make sure the service corresponds to its reputation. So, here are 7 simple tricks that usually help to decide whether the service is reliable or not.

Customer reviews

It is great if you have a friend who used the writing service and can advise a high-quality and proven site. But if there is no one to ask the advice and you have a task to write an essay immediately, you can search the Internet. Any company must have customer reviews. A reliable and professional essay writing service will be well-represented online. Despite the fact that students leave feedback as anonymous. Happy and dissatisfied customers are always ready to share a few comments about the service. But at the same time be very careful and remember that the reviews should not always be trusted, sometimes they are left by evil competitors. Also, advisers can write that the company seems to be doing everything well, but has problems with a deadline. And if you need to do the job very urgently, then such a service will not work for you. Decide for yourself whether to trust reviews or not.

Affordable Prices

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Although almost all students need written help, not everyone can afford it. Most often, these services are expensive. And in order to somehow save money, students turn to services from cheap ones. Focusing on students, many services tend to do low cost. Some writing companies set prices so cheap that you’ll be surprised. But there is a trick. For little money, they pick up for you unskilled authors, novices in their field. And here it is necessary not to get hooked and decide: choose a company that provides high-quality academic writing services at an affordable price or to choose an overpriced one.

Secure Payment Options

Make sure that the company gives security guarantees of the transaction, for their confidence, so as not to be deceived. Check how many methods of payment the service offers. There should be several ways to fund your account: e-wallets, credit cards, transfers and something else. You should be able to cancel your order in case of any unforeseen situation. The company should have a refund policy. Service must be fair. All funds must be reserved in the system and transferred to the contractor only after successful completion of the work.

Originality Must Be Guaranteed

Everyone knows that a teacher or professor can easily check for plagiarism, and the consequences can be serious. Before sending you a job, the service is obliged to check the text for plagiarism. Standards for the uniqueness of work should be developed. You must ensure that the documents have 100% original content.

Check on Privacy Guarantee

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Remember that the service must comply with the privacy policy and guarantee the complete anonymity of your data specified during registration and during the work with the service. When you visit the company’s website, they receive information about your web browser and operating system. As soon as you decide to become a customer of a particular service, you will be required to provide personal and contact information necessary for processing the payment and keep in touch with them in terms of order processing (email, phone number, and so on). All personal and contact details should be kept safe and used only in cases related to orders. Under no circumstances may your data be passed on to third parties.

Personal Experience

If you yourself once applied to the writing service and you liked the price and quality, then you should not waste your precious time looking for other companies. But this only works if you have used this service for the past six months. During this time, the company could have changed a lot, and there are no guarantees that now your work will also be performed qualitatively.


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If you are still at a loss and do not know which service you should choose, stop thinking logically and turn on your intuition. It definitely won’t let you down!

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