5 tips for a Startup for capturing great product portraits in a low budget

Are you a professional video editor or a video maker looking for a good video editing software to edit your videos? Have you tried most of the major and minor video editing software but, still struggling to edit your videos and not sure how to give your desired effect to your videos? After getting some good shots for your video, it’s extremely important to have a good video editing software to edit your videos. 

What do you need to consider before purchasing a video editing software?
  1. Budget constraints

Before, purchasing a video editing software you must be clearer about how much can you spend to make the purchase. It is very important to have a clear idea of the total budget because it will help you to find a better product in your budget.

  1. Special effects

Special Effects are what makes the videos so special. You can study the list of special effects the software provides you to apply to your videos. It is very important to use the right special effect at the right interval to make your video look more appealing and professional.

  1. Exporting and Importing different file formats

It is very important to know what file formats are supported by your video editing software. Many times, you need to import and export many media file types to include them in your videos. So, it is a good move to consider that video editing software which supports several media file types.

You can edit your video using special program. For example MovaviVideo Suite click here.

How to create exhilarating product portraits?

The first things that a customer does before buying any product are the visual interaction with the product. This visual interaction can be done in a number of ways like seeing an attractive image of a product, seeing the product in a video ad, etc. Hence, it is like the first impression of any product. It is very essential to create an excellent first impression.
Hence, it is extremely important to create amazing product portraits. This is because it is the first step which a customer follows and makes an impression of whether to buy the product or not.

Here, we are giving five tips that you can follow in order to create amazing portraits of your products at a cheap cost. If you’re a Startup guy and tired of paying huge sums on hiring photographers to make the portraits of your products, you can follow the below-mentioned tips to get your work done in a cheaper overall cost. So, let’s begin…

1. Camera 

In order to do product photography, you need a nice camera that fits into your budget nicely. After you have decided on your budget, you can go for a camera that can capture great shots with good clarity.

2. White Background

Having a white background behind your product will give your product portray a very professional look. On the other hand, it is also cost-efficient to create a white background. You can easily buy white poster boards online which will cost you around $10.

3. Brightness

Make sure that there is enough brightness in the room where you’re portraying your products. It is a good practice to choose a room with a window for direct entry of the natural light.

4. A table

You can buy a 100X200 cm ideally sized product photography table. It will help you to showcase your product in the portraits in a more gentle way. Just place this table near the light source (ideally a window) and put the product on the table and shoot.

5. Use a good image editor

After you have clicked the image of your product, now it’s time to edit your image. You can analyze all the shortcomings in your shot and use your desired image editor to edit complete/certain portions of your image. Here, your knowledge of photography is what comes into play.