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5 Rules When I Do My Thesis: What Do You Follow?

It would seem that the rules for writing a thesis are the same for everyone. It is necessary to carefully study the topic, keep the correct structure and express your thoughts on a particular issue. In general, this is true. However, there are a number of useful rules, or even life hacks, based on real student experience. In this article, we will share with you the most useful ones.

I Look Through the Sources Carefully to Write My Thesis

This is a very correct approach. Moreover, sometimes teachers themselves emphasize that students use only modern sources. This is due to the fact that science is developing at an extremely fast pace, and the problem that was relevant a few months ago can already be solved by modern methods. This is especially true when a student needs to write a study on medicine, information technology, marketing, and management.At the same time, for a number of sciences, sources remain relevant for a long time. These are such sciences as literature, history, mathematics, philosophy. And here the study of all sources in the complex is important.

I Like to Do My Thesis Online Using Google Docs

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This is very practical advice to use more technological solutions for writing theses. In the case of physical media – paper and pen, it is quite easy to lose your notes among the mountains from notebooks and textbooks. And in the case of standard Microsoft Word, you are still not completely insured against information loss. For example, if your laptop is suddenly discharged, then part of the work will be lost. Google Docs, in turn, performs autosave every second, so you can be sure that every written word in the document is safe. Moreover, it is very easy to send work to your professor, get edits online and fix errors right there.

I Remove All the Annoying Factors

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And notifications from social networks is the first thing you need to get rid of when you start work on a thesis. Social media is dragging you down and eating precious time. It seems to you that you will respond to the message in one minute, and the dialogue will take two hours. As a result, the deadline has become even closer, and the progress of your work continues to stand still. Telephone conversations, push notifications, mailing lists, and online games are also on the list of distractions. So if you want to stop the killing of time for nothing, remove it all for a few hours. You can use 8 website blockers for studying, productivity, and focus.

I Always Start Work That Day When It Was Assigned to Me

This is the number one tip for those who love to procrastinate and wait for the last moment. And this is in any case inevitable. There is a golden rule that works in all circumstances – to finish a job earlier, you need to start it earlier. To this thesis, you can still add the statement that the most difficult work must be done first. Based on the actual student experience, we recommend starting to write a thesis on the day it was assigned to you. Following this approach, you will never have the feeling of an avalanche from homework, and your efficiency will increase with the amount of free time.

I Use Thesis Help to Get Better Results

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And for those to whom all previous tips do not help, here’s another tip. And this is the easiest and most effective way to handle your academic paper. Thousands of students around the world have already appreciated the benefits of essay services like, where you can just ask, “Do my thesis”. And the list of tasks is not limited only to a thesis – you can get help with writing abstracts, term papers, laboratory tasks, and many others.


Choosing this path and writing services like this, you no longer need to worry about the quality of work, delve into scientific research, and try to understand what you can not understand. You do not need to call inspirational artificially and still suffer from anxiety. Even if the deadline is already very close, you can be sure that you will get your job on time. And this is not the whole list of benefits that you can get from an online writing company.

We recommend you to use the above partial tactical tips, and not to forget that any task can be solved in an easier way than may seem.