4 Things to Know Before You Make an Asbestos Claim

There’s a lot of commotion about asbestos, what it is, and how to file a claim. But this topic is very complex and stems back decades, and people still don’t know the truth about it.

Asbestos simple refers to minerals that we use in a lot of things from construction to insulation. But In most cases, these are used in anything related to the former.

There are currently six minerals that account as asbestos. We use them so much because they have excellent heat-resistance properties, very lightweight, and are very strong when turned into fibers.

But what’s the commotion with claims made from it? Is it dangerous for us and everyone around us? Well, before you file an asbestos claim here are 4 things you need to know about it.

1.  Questions Regarding Safety

There is a large portion of the US population that things that these minerals cause cancer and various diseases when they get airborne and we inhale them.

A lot of studies prove this to be the truth, but despite all that its usage is still legal in the United States. Although there was a ban on many products made from it, it still persists none the less. This bad came as a subsequent of a trial that was backed by 10 years of extensive data and research.

And although they did manage to bad products made from it, they failed to outright ban it all.

Asbestos, as of the current time of writing, is banned in more than 50 countries around the world, of which the United States isn’t one of them.

2.  Yearly Casualties

A lot of diseases and conditions can occur when we inhale asbestos-airborne minerals. The most severe disease is cancer, of which almost 15,000 people die every year. The numbers show that these harmful minerals kill many more people than skin cancer.

But what forms of cancer are caused by asbestos? According to extensive data and research from EWG Action Fund, Mesothelioma, asbestosis, and various lung cancer and diseases are the most common ways people die when getting into contact with it.

3.  The US Imports It

According to the same data from the same researchers, it is said that the United States Imports as much as 8.2 million pounds of it. The two biggest exporters to the United States are Canada and Mexico.

4.  A Lot Of Things Are Made From It

The majority of older homes in the United States have something made from it. That can be any construction material used in the process of the foundation, the insulation, and even in the roof. Asbestos is in our pipes, our floors, and even the ceiling itself.

But with so much of it around us, why aren’t people taking it seriously? As a matter of fact people are doing just that. There are currently, according to data and estimates, around 25 million homes in the United States made with asbestos to some lesser degree.

This number was much higher way back in 2006 and has gradually declined ever since.

How To Make a Claim?

Now that we’ve talked about the things to know regarding it, let’s discuss how to file a claim.

Before we continue, the golden rule of filing any claim is to approach a reputable lawyer that focuses on that field of the law. Filing claims isn’t an easy task since it requires you to have proof of any wrongdoings.

So, because of that, we suggest you visit as they’ll know what to do regarding your asbestos claim.

What you should know is that every such claim starts with a person getting ill from inhaling it. If you paid attention to the diseases, then you’ll understand the type of illness.

Step 1: Contact a Professional

We just talked about that but contacting a professional is advised because there are law firms that have entire departments dedicated to such claims.

Step 2: Get in Touch With A Local Support Group

These groups are vital for an individual to make a claim for benefits. If an individual hasn’t done that, then the law firm will do it for you with your permission, of course.

These support groups are very important for every asbestos claim as they dedicate their lives to helping those affected by it. If you are diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease or condition, then you can file a claim and be entitled to benefits.

These benefits are the Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit and a Worker’s Compensation Act. These come in lump sum payments that can come along nicely in dire situations.

They are to be paid out on a weekly or monthly bases, depending on the case and are meant to provide the claimant with additional financial support due to the severity of the conditions.

Step 3: Gathering Evidence

Naturally, the law firm will launch an investigation and will gather evidence to strengthen your case against the company that has manufactured the home/building that you’ve been affected by.

The law firm will look under every rock for any information that might prove useful such as past claims against the company, medical records, and anything else that can be obtained legally.

They will also hire an asbestos medical expert to help strengthen the claim by exposing and pinpointing its harmful effects.

Step 4: Submission To the Court

Once everything has been prepared and evidence has been gathered, your law firm will prepare a submission to the court. Based on the case and the severity of the asbestos-related diseases, you will ask for financial compensations to help maintain an optimal lifestyle.

It goes without saying that the better the law firm, the greater the chances for the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Step 5: Taking it to Court and Agreeing on a Settlement

The last part is the hardest one and it involves your lawyer fighting for your case and coming out on top. This is the most complex part of the entire claim, and that’s why you need a reliable lawyer for it.

Once you’ve taken it to court and the lawyer has made a darn good job of showing your case, the defendant’s lawyers will certainly look to reach an agreement with you.

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