2019/2020 Toyota Tundra Diesel – Will It Happen in this Year?

On exhibits in SEMA, we had the pleasure of seeing one ton, the dual rear wheeled version of the Tundra pickup, that had something different under its hood, a Hino turbodiesel with the capacity of eight liters. Of course, we are talking about Toyota Tundra Diesel.

Also, we have heard some rumors about Toyota thinking about bringing a Hino diesel Toyota into the United States market. Up to now, that has been only a rumor. And that rumor is present for more than a decade.

Despite the interest that was shown by the public, Toyota still didn’t manufacture that kind of vehicle. Toyota made available a plethora of diesel options for trucks and cars. That is a problem for strict regulations when it comes to vehicles, just like the United States market has.

Along with this rumor, some rumors were spread about Toyota offering their own vehicle that has 4.5L V-8. Will we have that available soon? It is hard to say since we don’t have any official statements from the company. But we hope that we will see some results in the future.

Despite all the rumors that emerged over the years, Toyota still remains silent on the option of their Tundra having a diesel option. Hino motors are a Japanese company that manufactures heavy and medium trucks. It is one of the largest vehicle companies in all of Asia, not just Japan. Most certainly they will be included in making Toyota Tundra Diesel if it ever happens of course.

Short Specifications of Eight Liter Hino J08E-TB

J08E-TE has the configuration of six inline cylinders. Also, it has the displacement of eight liters, and 4.41 x 5.12 Bore x Stroke. When it comes to the injection, it has the high-pressure common rail, and aspiration, it has an intercooler, single turbocharger. It has the horsepower of 260 hp, 2500 rpm.

Short Specifications of Five Liters Cummins

When it comes to the configuration, 5-liter Cummins has the ninety-degree V-8. Plus, its displacement is 305 cubic inches and 5 liters. Its injection is a high-pressure common rail, and aspiration is single sequential turbocharger. Horsepower is 310 at 3200 rpm.

Short Specifications of Four and a Half Liter Toyota Diesel V-8

Toyota diesel has 4.5 liters displacement. Its configuration is V8 turbodiesel DOHC. Like with previous vehicles, it has an injection of high-pressure common rail. Its horsepower 265 horsepower at 3400 rpm. When it comes to its block/head materials it has cast aluminum cylinder heads and compact graphite iron CGI block.


According to the representatives of Toyota, we may see a Toyota Tundra Diesel option in the near future. As we already said, the idea is that it needs to feature an eight-liter Hino motor. However, that seems a little unrealistic for now.

But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Since the 4.5 exists as an option in Toyota`s vehicles, we think that the company will need to consider changing it, if they want to enter the United States market.

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