Writing a Sports Essay: 5 Key Areas to Consider


Students are always interested in their favorite sporting events – be it the Champions League, English premier league, NFL, or, say, the IPL. They toil hard to strike a balance between their studies and extensive modules. But driven by an interest in the games and sports, they do find out time for these events.

Are you, too, one of the loves of these sporting events?

What if you are given to write a sports-based essay? You may choose to write a sports-based essay in your last semester. In that case, you must be mindful in writing a good-quality essay and focus on some important aspects. This very article discusses a few areas you must focus on to write a compelling essay. So let’s get down to the brass tacks of it.

Writing A Sports Essay: Key Areas To Consider


Writing a sports-based essay may be a  little different compared to that a traditional essay, but the approach would be the same. You have to be focussed on what topic you are writing about. It can help you stay within the periphery of the structure.

For the initial stages, you can take the help of a competent and professional essay writing service like IvoryResearch. You can read their essays on sports to get an idea of the content structure, flow, tone, and delivery. This section discusses some of the core areas you must focus on while writing an essay.

1. Take The Help Of Your Research

The first thing that you need to focus on is information. Sports-based essays will not only anchor on descriptions but also the use of data. Therefore you have to be meticulous about applying the statistical data. You also have to make sure that you take the help of the most updated data to write your essay.

Suppose you have to write an essay about the success of club football. In that case, you can not only focus on the players that are produced from the respective leagues but also cover important areas like infrastructure, brand value, sports based on equipment markets, etc, and revenue generation.

We put an example to discuss things in detail. You can mention the revenue generation of the clubs.

According to the observation of Statista, Manchester City earned a revenue generation of 766 million dollars. It is followed by Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Barcelona, and their revenues are 761m USD, 726m USD, and 692 m USD. So you have to use updated data in your essay.

2. Don’t Forget About The Readers

One of the most important things you need to write down the sports-based essays is the reader’s perspective.

While writing the essay, try to understand what the audience would love to hear. Here also you need to research the sports industry trends.

These include diversity, sustainability, eSports, and artificial intelligence. The induction of these components is all set to bring fundamental change to the sports industry.

Of course, you have to focus on the most common topics that become headlines. Writing an essay based on common topics can help you with loads of information which is one of the requirements of the essay.

3. Remember The Structure


An essay of any type must be governed by a well-organized structure. The lack of structure in an essay will inject the element of incongruity and clumsiness into the essay. A simple structure helps you write down a good essay. Below we mention a clear structure of your essay.

The Introduction must be relevant and arrest the readers’ interest, and you also need to prepare a compelling Thesis statement.

The main body section must have arguments, explanations, and topic sentences.

The conclusion must close down the points you raised, along with a reinforced thesis statement, key points, and a call to action.

Other than this, you have to include the requirements given in the essay prompt. Therefore you have to write the sports essay following the standards and the key requirements of the essay.

4. Do Not Try To Squeeze Into One Easy

You have to focus while writing a good sports essay by balancing the information. While writing it, you have to focus on the use of information in the respective paragraphs. There has to be a perfect balance while you use this information.

Squeezing loads of information in a single essay is not a good idea. If you make an attempt to do it, you might end up scratching the surface.

If you want to write your sports paper into a real quality one, you can choose several points like the rules, history, and tournaments. This is the best way you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge of the topic.

5. Work On Your Tone

Learning about the audience has its own benefits. By researching your readers and their peculiarities, you also learn how they converse. You have to write the essay in such a style that they will feel familiar. Focus on the tone or delivery in the way you put the information.

It might be that you feel problematic in finding the right tone for your essay. It’s normal and nothing to really worry about. If you follow a thumb rule, you can come up with the language being discussed. Write in plain academic language and avoid slang.

Try to avoid contradictions, the use of passive voice, and all other irrelevant things that tend to disturb your tone in the essay. Following the most simple way of description is the trick that can help you get the best out of your essay.

Bringing The Discussion To A Close


You must take a clear stance while writing the essay. For example, while you are describing sporting events, like the recently concluded Olympic games in Tokyo, you make a juxtaposition of the upside and the downside of the tournament.

You have to take a clear stance and back it up with reliable information. Try to make it as relevant as possible. Therefore you can take the support of these points to write a really effective sports essay.

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