6 Amazing Facts About the Drones at the Tokyo Olympics

The Tokyo Olympics were special for many reasons. First of all, they were scheduled to take place in 2020. But, then the COVID-19 pandemic struck and they were postponed. Because of that, they were held in 2021. No one is accustomed to having the Olympics in odd years but here we are. The next one will happen as scheduled in 2024. But, let’s talk about the past a little. By now you know that when an Asian country gets to be the host of a monumental event they give their best.

We already witnessed this in Beijing, and Tokyo was no different. After all, Japan and China are the most developed countries in this region. It was expected that Tokyo and Japan were going to try and push things up another notch regarding the organization and they truly did deliver. No one doubted the Japanese organizational capabilities as they are known for their precision and eye for detail. Another thing that sets this nation above all else is technological suaveness. We are all aware of this but the 2020 Olympics were another chance for Japan to show how far they have gone.

Do you remember the opening ceremony and everything that followed afterward? We do. What left us breathless was their usage of drones for entertainment purposes. No one expected the type of show we received. The world was once again surprised at how much the Japanese managed to bend the technology to their means. It’s no wonder this is the country of origin of all those mecha Animes. If you paid attention you’ve noticed that they have used aerial & aquatic drones to make the opening ceremony and the rest of the games memorable.

By now you have noticed our infatuation with drones. We can’t hide it. Nor should we. Instead, let’s talk about them even for a little bit. If you continue reading you will find what we see as six amazing facts about drones at the Tokyo Olympics. As we said, these were the games to remember, and one of the primary reasons why things stand like that is the amount of technology used by the host to make these games the most technologically savvy compared to everything that came before. As you can see, we can’t hide our excitement. So, without further ado, let’s talk about drones.

First Olympics Featuring Drones at Opening Ceremony

Japan, technology, and being first in something. Who could have expected it? Well, everyone. While drones are a tech that has been around for a while, they have never been sued on a scale this big. Sports events are still to feature them in big usage, and Tokyo already set the precedent. In the future, we can expect many more openings and shows featuring drones. But, we all need to remember. The Tokyo Olympics were the first to feature them. As we can see in the most recent FIFA World Cup they are slowly becoming the standard. But, we know who set the tone.

There Were 1,824 of Them

Now, that’s quite a number, don’t you agree? We are talking about almost 2 thousand Intel drones. They’re the special kind – Shooting Star models. The show was amazing in itself. But when you know that there were so many of these devices flying in the sky you can’t fail but feel impressed. This was the goal of the Japanese folks from the start. Another aspect that you need to know is that these devices were super light. They weighed less than 400 grams. Their sole purpose was entertainment and they duly delivered.

It Took Only 15 People to Control Them

This is where things get interesting. Can you even comprehend what we’re saying? Almost two thousand drones are controlled by only 15 people. That’s amazing! We are talking about trained drone pilots who were aided by animators and programmers. Before the main event, which for them was the opening ceremony, pilots spent countless hours training for the big event. Some of them described the moment as childbirth due to all the anticipation involved. The most impressive feat was that each drone was returned to its starting point once the show of the decade was over. The men and women behind the 2020 Tokyo performance are behind the standard that will be used for every future event of this magnitude.

John Lennon Was Paired With Drones

As if the show wasn’t amazing on its own it was made even more magical by the musical selection. The song that was playing while the drones did their magic was Imagine by John Lennon. Quite a fitting song for one show that was hard to imagine that it was real. The absence of the crowd made the event even more spectacular while a little bit spooky at the same time. The performers behind the scene were John Legend and Keith Urban and numerous Japanese performers.

Winter Olympics Had The First

The event in Tokyo was unique as far as the number of drones goes, and the fact we’re talking about the summer Olympics. But, they were sued on another great stage before. We are also talking about Asia. Do you remember the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea? If you do, then you know what we’re talking about. This tech was first tested on a similar but far smaller stage. In South Korea, there were 1,218 drones used. You can see how the game was upped for Tokyo only three years later. This tech evolved in the mid-time and it will keep evolving. We can only imagine what it will look like in Paris or even beyond that in Los Angeles. Some are even arguing that the 2032 Olympics in Brisbane will have them without a doubt.

They’re  Conquering The World

While the Tokyo Olympics were the biggest event for these drones by Intel, it’s not their only gig. So far, you have had a chance to see them in South Korea during the winter Olympics, at Coachella, Super Bowl during Lady Gaga’s performance, at Disney World, and many other events. Just pay attention. They’re here to stay.
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