5 Tricks on How to Speed up your Essay Writing Process

Essay writing, or writing in general comes a bit hard on most of us. There are some rules, there is a lot of skill and most of us struggle with those. Thankfully today we will tell you about a few tricks that you can utilize to speed the entire process a bit.

With progress in technology, a lot of things change and most of them are good for us. Some changes help you type faster, some allow you not to type at all but use your speech, some changes help you prepare a lot better. This is the result of progress and we as humans learn something new every day. It is nothing to be considered strange and it should be taken in as fast as possible. No matter what the essay is on, which subject, they all share a few things in common and if you manage to optimize those things and utilize our suggestions you will see that your time spent on an essay will be dramatically reduced.

Besides utilizing tips, tricks and tech available for all of us you can also utilize something called essay writer. This is where you have an issue that can’t be overcome and where you decide to hire someone who does these things professionally, just like Here is the place of the best essay writers and the place where you can get the best material for your money. Now on to those tricks we have for you!

1. Preparation

Every good essay writer knows that good preparation is more than half of a job well done. When it comes to essays, depending on the topic, theme, subject there are a few steps you need to take to prepare in the best way possible. Here the best thing you can do is ask yourself several important questions regarding your topic and answer them in brief lines. This will serve you as info that you can utilize later on when you start the essay and when you get to form the structure of it. Another thing you should know is that you can organize this information in tables which will make it a lot easier to follow your train of thought. Questions should regard the main character or more, the place of events, or anything else that is not directly plot-based but can be seen as a message or anything underlying that you are trying to uncover. If you have an essay that is supposed to persuade or inform others then the best step in preparation for you is to do your research and do a lot of it.

2. Plan ahead

Now, most of you essay writers would say “OK, this is it we start writing!”. Wrong. This is the time when you make a thorough plan that will allow you to speed up the entire writing process even more. The plan should be an outline of your essay that goes through your intro part, your thesis statement, body and conclusion. If you have more creative freedom on your essay your outline will not look like this, but like a basic blueprint that will allow you to stay narrow, focused, and focused on the direction you need to take it.

3. The structure

When it comes to structuring here is where you have your intro, main part and conclusion. One of the best tricks you can do to speed the essay writing up is to write the main body of the essay, meaning that you do the entire topic without the conclusion or the introduction part. The reason for this is that, somehow, we lose more time on these two because they are usually hand in hand. If you manage to write the main body of your essay and if you can easily end it afterwards you will get a great idea of how to do your intro and conclusion part. You will have a clear image of how everything collides with each other, how it all flows and based on that you can make an easy intro and a conclusion that will nicely wrap everything up. Whenever you start the introduction never start with a question. This is where you lose your points. Start with a hook that is unique but not excessive. It will be much easy after the prep and research because as you were doing those you developed your thought and ideas that are very good, especially for the hook. In the main part, you should be giving relevant detail to the reader so they can understand why are you writing, what is the significance of everything and the direction you are going to take them. Make it interesting so you always draw them in more and more.

4. The wrap-up

After you finish everything and after your essay is done the only thing left to do is read it once more to see if everything is in order. See the structures, see the sentences, the meanings, the quotes and everything else tied to this. Read I thoroughly as a whole and you will see what needs to be changed, added or subtracted if there is a need for that.

5. Proofreading

Now after you did the fly by reading of the essay you need to do proofreading and look for any mistakes or inconsistencies. A top tip is to, if you have the time, leave it for proofreading the day after. This gives your brain time to rest and soothe and when you get to it proof read it you will do it as a reader instead of the writer you were yesterday. One thing that can speed up these things are sites like Grammarly where you can do this swiftly with plenty of recommendations that come straight from professionals.

The last trick and a top-tip, in a form of our conclusion, that will help you speed your essay writing will point to something we wrote at the beginning of the article. We mentioned the new tech we are all able to utilize and one of those helps us that do not type fast or precise. Typing is time-consuming and constant error correction can take up time. What you can do to combat that is to utilize google docs and its ability to write text based on your speech. You need a laptop with a mic built-in or a PC with a microphone and you can start speaking your essay while the app will do the typing. Try it and tell us if we were correct.