3 Tips to Wow With Customer Service


The smell of a freshly minted product, the inviting setting, and a salesperson ready to assist with a cheerful demeanor represent an exceptional in-store journey. Even without an initial buying intent, a store offering a captivating customer environment might lead you to purchase purely driven by the cheerful ambiance.

Concerning this, the dilemma is that while this notion fits perfectly for brick-and-mortar stores, can your digital platform empower your brand with data driven customer insights? Offer an enticing corporate office complaints experience that lures visitors repeatedly? What can entice them to revisit? To attain this, your customer service online experience needs to be nothing short of spectacular. Mediocrity has no room in the present-day era, particularly in the digital realm—too many options and fierce competition rule out any half-measures. Of course, e-shopping comes with its perks – it’s swift, cozy, and handy. Use these aspects to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce unnecessary costs. With that, grab a mug of coffee, a seat and read on!

1. The Art of Solving Customer Service Issues


Cultivating positive customer reviews isn’t rocket science; it’s an art rooted in the science of joy—an art every customer service representative should master. Drawing on two decades of positive psychology research, these “wow” moments can take various forms—a surprise service enhancement, a personal touch that sparks recognition, or even a shared interest uncovered during a casual conversation. They all share one common trait: they slightly surpass customer expectations, igniting a positive emotional response.

Customer service expert Steph Hynek wisely emphasizes that “Consistently being superior to the norm spells out above and beyond.” Regrettably, some major companies, like T-Mobile’s customer service, have repeatedly fallen short of delivering on their promises. This consistent failure has left numerous customers feeling dissatisfied, unheard, and undervalued. This breakdown in service not only erodes trust and loyalty but also casts a shadow over the company’s reputation and strains customer relationships.

We recognize that the most impactful wow instances that transform customers into brand ambassadors stem from enduring positive emotions. This is where the art of joy becomes crucial; although a financial discount might appeal, its happiness is temporary. Long-lasting experiences often foster a sense of belonging or significance. The bottom line lies in tapping into enduring sources of joy.

2. Create Good Corporate Office Complaints Relationships

Understanding and acknowledging your customers’ needs brings them a sense of satisfaction and recognition. Beyond this, familiarizing yourself with their preferences can strategically align your products to fulfill those needs. By investing time in comprehending your customers, you establish a foundation of rapport and confidence. You gain insights into their preferences and priorities regarding business matters. Armed with this knowledge, you can then craft personalized experiences that leave a lasting impression.

In connection to this, acquainting yourself with your customers also means grasping their pain points and areas requiring resolution. Approaching them with a service-oriented mindset and effectively addressing their concerns in one go can secure their loyalty indefinitely. Armed with additional insights about your customers and their journey, you can also take a proactive approach to sales and support outreach. Initiating assistance before the customer realizes they need it carries an almost magical quality.

To wrap up, as affirmed by numerous experts in the field, the central theme revolves around attentively listening to your customers. Truly tuning into their wishes and necessities empowers you to deliver tailored support that leads to customer satisfaction. Handling this level of attention might be challenging with a vast customer base. Nevertheless, it’s important to recognize that each customer holds unique expectations and inclinations. By dedicating the effort to grasp these differences, you elevate the quality of your customer service.

3. Change Your Store According to Customer Needs

A widely practiced method retail stores employ to cultivate a rejuvenating experience for repeat customers is to alter the store’s layout and structure periodically. The same principle applies to e-commerce! It’s even more convenient to achieve. Customers genuinely appreciate encountering new elements from your end.

In relation to this, even making alterations to your landing page or introducing fresh pop-ups or galleries for them to explore can infuse a sense of implement into their experience. Leveraging videos is an effective strategy to elevate the online customer experience. Incorporating a couple of short videos can engage your visitors and guide their journey through your site.

Finally, striving for excellence in each interaction between your brand and customers will set you apart. Consistently delivering a genuinely remarkable customer experience remains the surefire way to ensure your customers continue to return and shop with you in a fiercely competitive and rapidly expanding market.”


Impressing your clients fosters enhanced dedication and elation, ensuring sustained engagement over time. In my experience, the hotel team had numerous responsibilities besides preparing cookies. They had rooms to sanitize, reservations to process, and other pressing tasks. Yet, their commitment to enrich my stay was evident. Their goal was to amaze me and manifest their genuine concern.

Taking note of this, your support division might not primarily focus on sending complimentary gifts to patrons. If asked, they would likely emphasize their role in helping clients and ensuring maximum satisfaction during the process. However, your customer service support personnel should be as dedicated to delivering exceptional moments as the hotel staff. The age-old saying, “it’s the gesture that matters,” seems relevant here. Is gifting merchandise their primary duty? Not really. But would a client feel cherished knowing your team thought of them? Absolutely. In evoking gratitude and fostering positive customer reviews, the intention holds significant weight.

In conclusion, psychologist Norbert Schwarz highlighted this sentiment in his renowned “dime study,” demonstrating how a mere dime could profoundly influence one’s mindset. Schwarz noted, “It’s not about the found item’s worth. It’s about experiencing an unexpected positive event.” A vital takeaway from the experiment and Schwarz’s observations on minor joyful moments enhancing mood is the element of surprise. In the realm of customer service, “unexpected generosity” is the strategy. Determine what customers aren’t anticipating, and then deliver on it.

With that, are you familiar with other ways to wow with customer service?

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