World Cup 2024: The Latest Odds for World Cup Favorites

It seems like the WC started just yesterday, but time flew by, as there are only eight games left in the tournament. The first quarter-final game is near, which means that we should check out who has the best chance to go all the way.

Biggest favorites

Since there are eight teams left, we will divide them into two categories, the favorites, and the “underdogs,” just to provide a better insight into what you can expect. Of course, these are just some estimations, as the knockout round is tough to predict, and even when it seems like one team will go all the way, the bracket can be pretty difficult for some teams.



Let’s start with the national team with the best chance to lift the WC trophy 18th of December. Namely, when we look at the opponents and how this team has performed so far, it doesn’t come as a surprise that bookmakers give Brazil the best chance to win the WC trophy. Their performance in the group stage was good, and even though they lost their last game to Cameron, it’s obvious that Tite, their coach, has timed their form perfectly. It means that we are yet to see their best performance, and due to so many quality and world-class players on the team, we can expect some magical moments. The game against South Korea was more of a training for this team, at least it’s how it looked, but they are now facing some pretty tough opponents. Croatia, who got the finals and lost in the last World Cup, is who they face next, and if they beat them, then we can really see magic comes to life as it’s expected that they will play against Argentina in the semi-finals.



The next team bookmakers see they can win the trophy is France, a team that showed how much quality they have as they booked their place in the quarter-finals pretty easily. Now, the opponent they are facing represents their biggest challenge so far, as England has some world-class players with a ton of experience as well. Of course, slightly more chances are given to France to win that game and book a semi-final game against Morocco-Portugal, but the only thing certain is that this game between France and England will be the one for the history books.



Another big favorite for winning the prestigious title of World Cup winner surely is Argentina. They have a great team, and Messi for a leader who will do his best to finally get that trophy, as it is most likely that it is going to be his last WC. Their opponent for the place in the semi-final is the Netherlands, and according to many fans, it would be a great match, but Argentina will win.



Another popular name in the football world, Cristiano Ronaldo, and the national team of Portugal also found their place in the quarter-finals, where they will face Morocco and try to reach the semi-final. There is no doubt they are absolute favorites, but regarding the fact that Morocco gets this far and plays amazing football, this match will be worth watching.



One of the most pleasant surprises this WC is surely Morocco, a team that showcased dedication, physical ability, skill, and passion and managed to finish first in their group and, above all, to beat Spain on penalties in the round of 16. It is one of the biggest results in their history, and even though they will face an even better team than Spain in the quarterfinals (Portugal), we can and should expect an extremely tactical and defensive game from the Morocco side. As for the odds, due to who they face next, the least chance to win the WC is given to Morocco. Of course, the quality of their opponents is yet another reason why the odds on them are so high, but just because they might not go all the way doesn’t mean that they will not fight to the last moment in their next game, and who knows, maybe we are witnessing a fairytale.


Even though they are WC vice-champions, bookmakers give this team just a bit more chance to actually do something and win WC than they do to Morocco. Now, those who don’t follow football that much can easily form an opinion like this national team doesn’t have enough quality as a reason why the odds are so high, but in reality, it’s much more because of who they face next. The bracket wasn’t so kind to Croatia’s side, which is something they are partially responsible for, as they finished second in their group. Still, facing Brazil in the quarterfinals and (if they manage to beat them) playing against Argentina in the semifinals is pretty challenging, even for teams with much more experience and more quality players. Luckily, football is an unpredictable game, and you never know what will happen next, which for football fans just means a ton of excitement.


There is no doubt that the Netherlands has a great national team that surely knows how to play under pressure, but the fact that they are meeting Argentina in their quarter-final match does not work in their favor. Argentina is the absolute favorite with Messi, who will try to bring the trophy home, but the most beautiful thing about football is that everything is possible, and there can always be some surprises, so this will be a great game for all fans.


Football fans from all over the globe are surprised with England’s performances in this WC since it has one of the strongest and most popular leagues, which is why people have expected more from this national club. They had two wins and one draw in the group stage, which provided them with a place in the top eight, but fans expected more, and they are not giving them a high chance of raising the trophy in the end.

Final thoughts

Football is an amazing game full of surprises, and because of that, it can be pretty challenging to predict the outcome of some games. However, if you have some prediction on your mind and want to try your luck and maybe win some money, visit bet at home.

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