Why Should you use a slider app on Your Shopify store?

With the internet becoming ubiquitous, many online stores have sprung up and are doing a booming business. The online marketplace has become extremely competitive and websites vie with each other to attract more customers.

Shopify is an online portal that is trusted by more than 800,000 businesses the world over. It provides a convenient online platform to showcase various products. Additionally, Shopify data export is also important for many reasons. For example, if you ever need to switch to another eCommerce platform, you’ll need to be able to transfer your product information, customer data, and order history over to the new platform. Exporting your Shopify data beforehand makes this process much easier.

More and more businesses are looking to provide that competitive edge to their online listings by making it attractive to entice customers. While choosing a banner slider app, it is extremely important to select the one with most features and functionality.

An intuitive banner slider app like the ever-popular revolution slider is extremely handy to create rich, visually appealing banners in online marketplaces. Go here and read more about it, or keep reading to learn its benefits.

Let us take a look at why should you use a slider app on your Shopify store-

  1. Display attractive content

You can easily enrich your online store with Sliders, Carousels, a Hero image or even the whole front page. The drag and drop editor and intuitive interface make it that much easier!

  1. Looks great on all devices

A good banner slider app allows your content to be displayed optimally across all devices- from smartphones to desktops and tablets.

  1. Maximum customization of content

Customize your content to the maximum! Its numerous handy features allow for maximum control on the content so that it can be easily customized.

  1. Engage with your visitors using Gamification

E-commerce gamification is one of the new marketing trend that’ll thrill the e-commerce community in 2020. Some Shopify App like Tada offers gamified pop-up to help merchants collect more subscribers and sales while keeping their website visitors engaged and happy.

  1. Social media content

Easily pull social media content, including videos to make your wares that much more enticing for the customers. All popular media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, Vimeo, and Twitter.

  1. No coding knowledge required

It is very easy to create rich content even by a beginner! The top banner slider apps like the revolutionary slider, have intuitive Graphical User Interface. Anyone can easily master it in no time at all. Creating attractive content has never been easier.

  1. Complete control

You can easily take complete control over the website. You can tweak the look, the feel, the layout, the content and colors in a cinch!

  1. Fulfills all slider-based tasks

A versatile banner slider app like the revolution Slider can easily take on all slider-based tasks. It also has special functionalities like Carousel and Hero blocks.

  1. Unlimited sliders

You can create unlimited sliders on a webpage. Content has never been richer before!

  1. Performance monitor

A good banner slider app will not only have performance monitors but also provide better performance suggestions. What more could an online store need?
  • Miscellaneous functions

A top banner slider app will have numerous other functionalities like- Simple and Advanced Lazy Loading for Faster and SEO Optimized Slider Start, Link and Actions on Slides, Viewport based Slide Loading and Progress and allows you to create slider defaults, overwrite and reset.

With such rich functions in a good banner slider app, creating attractive content has become easier than ever! This makes it invaluable for any business listed on Shopify and other online portals.

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