4 Reasons Why Bridesmaids Should Wear Matching Dresses

If you have ever been to a wedding, one of the details that you could notice is that all the bridesmaids are wearing the same dress. The interesting thing is that this matching style represents a very old tradition. Most people are not even aware of some reasons for why people created this tradition in the first place. It is only an interesting detail where the bride and her friends can come together with some interesting outfit.

The great part is that you can find a lot of different styles on the market these days. Therefore, it won’t be a problem to find something that will fit perfectly to the main theme of your wedding. For example, you can choose golden dresses, terracotta color of ChicSew dresses, pink color, turquoise color dresses, and much more. Here are the main reasons why bridesmaids should wear the same outfit.

1. To Follow the Tradition

While people are no longer superstitious like there were in the past, there are still many habits that remained active in many societies. When it comes to the weddings in the western cultures, there are several reasons for bridesmaids to match their dresses.

First of all, it was considered to bring luck to the event and the bride and help in securing that everything will be fine during that day. There is also a relation with beliefs where it was thought that the evil spirits might try to ruin the special day, and having more women dressed the same could prevent them from doing so.

Another reason that is also related to tradition was to prevent potential thieves from stealing the bride and taking her to their place. Therefore, bridesmaids were something like a body-double at that time. Also, it was usual to have at least 10 bridesmaids.

2. The Selection is Easier

There are many details that the broom and bride have to deal with when it comes to the preparation for their special day. Choosing the dresses for bridesmaids is the part of that process. Since that is a tradition that a lot of people are following these days, the selection can be more complicated if the bride is not consulting with their close friends. The modern etiquette is that the each bridesmaid will pay for her dress.

However, there is a chance for issues in that case. First of all, the dresses can be quite different even if they are in the same color. Therefore, a much better solution would be to find one designer or store where you can find dresses in the same size. The bridesmaids can help the bride by dealing with this on their own. The most important part is to consult with the bride about the color and style of the desired dress.

3. To Be Suitable With the Main Theme

A lot of people find it important to have matching dresses that will fit the main theme of the event. It depends on the preferences of the bride, and the matching style can be related to the details on her dress, or the main color or theme of the wedding. Therefore, if you want to follow an elegant style, colors like red or light blue can be an excellent choice.

The turquoise color dresses can be great if you are having a wedding in some open area like a garden or near some lake. The point is to create a plan in advance and check different solutions. You will have to find a store where all of your bridesmaids can have the same dress, and that can be challenging if they need different sizes as well.

4. The Bride Can Be in the Main Focus

The point is to let the bride to be in the main focus and that here dress and style are the highlight of the day. People are no longer following the tradition where the bridesmaids are wearing the exact dresses as the bride. Bridesmaids can still be very attractive, and the point is to match styles so that all guests can recognize them as well.

Tips For Buying Matching Dresses

First of all, it is essential to work together and help the bride to find the best solution for this detail. It is always a good idea to simply ask her about the desired details, and then find the dresses on your own. Since there are so many online stores today, this process can be quite simple because you can send samples to the bride that will choose the best option after that.

When it comes to paying, it depends on the area of the world. There are places where the bride will pay for the dresses, while the most common case is that the bridesmaids will deal with that. The only thing that the bride is paying these days is related to additional details like a special detail on the dress, specific haircuts, and more.

The key is that each of the bridesmaids will have the same dress. As we already mentioned, that can be an issue if there are different requirements related to the size and design. Therefore, it is never a good option to rush with the selection of the store. Take your time and check stores as a group so that you can be sure that all of your dresses are the same.

Last Words

As you can see, there are some interesting things related to tradition that are the reason for matching dresses on weddings. Even though people are no longer superstitious, this habit remained. The benefit is that close friends of the bride can put an even higher focus on the bride when she is surrounded by them while they are wearing specific outfit that is suitable with the main theme of the event. In the end, it is a fun way to celebrate this special day. Bridesmaids will also be in the focus throughout the whole day. The point is to choose the right style.