Who is Getting Relegated from the Premier League 2024

The latest season of the top tier football competition in England is well underway with 8 game days behind us. It is safe to say that so far it has been one of the most surprising seasons and for more reasons than one. While the previous few iterations brought much of what had been expected prior to the start, the 2024/23 Premier League season has been anything but boring. It has so far been nothing but enjoyable and fascinating to say the least. It appears that it is going to be one of those memorable seasons we talk about for a long time and use as reference forever.

Off to an Interesting Start

First of all, Arsenal are playing out of their minds and are currently sitting at the top of the leaderboard with 7 wins and 1 loss. That is good for 21 points and their first top seed place after the first 8 games in years. Everyone was so accustomed to the London’s red side failing to even crack the top 3, let alone be in the title race. This season is proving to be different as the team is top form and poised for great success. Then there is Manchester City with their superb signing of Eling Haaland. The Norwegian has already scored 14 goals in his first 8 league matches, including three hat-tricks in the last three games. His new team is right behind Arsenal at the number 2 spot with 20 points, 6 wins and 2 draws.

Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, and hopefully the woeful Manchester United will be there until the end to try and disrupt the title race as much as possible. However, there is also fun to be had at the other end of the table, the one that does not award qualification or draw for European tournaments. It is also not a place you compete to hold, but one that you hope to avoid. This of course is the relegation part of the table, three final spots which relegate the teams who finish third, second, and dead last to the second-tier league of England, the Championship. Although it is basically the strongest second-tier league in the world with great teams all around, loyal fans, and amazing stadiums, it is no premier League and nobody wants to get relegated.

While it may not seem nearly as interesting as the title race, the question of relegation is quite important for another reason, sports betting. If you are wondering what else you can put your money behind and hope for a certain outcome that will award you some money, you need to know who to bet on and who to bet against. Knowing this can save you money and more importantly, allow you to win more. Therefore, keep reading to get a better idea of who is getting relegated from the Premier Leagued in 2024, or rather who seems most likely to be. When you have decided who it may be and are ready for some bets, head on over to Bet365 to give it a shot.

How are the Promoted Teams Doing?

It is an unwritten, or rather one of them, for the newly promoted teams to struggle and head right back to the Championship after playing a full season in the Premier League. While it does not always happen, it has happened many times over, enough for the people to always believe that there is but a handful of teams that interchange each season, some winning the Championship and being promoted again and the others being relegated and falling out of the Premier League.

Last year’s Championship winners, Fulham, are doing well so far in the Premier League and are definitely not looking to fall out again. They are currently in the eighth spot with 3 wins, 2 draws, and 3 losses. Their main man, Aleksandar Mitrovic, is on a scoring spree just like he was last season. The team will look to cement their place in the upper half of the standings for the remainder of the season.

The second-best team behind Fulham was Bournemouth who are currently 13th, with 2 wins, 3 draws, and 3 losses. It is not a bad start, much better than many teams who were in the Premier League last season so they appear to be safe for now. They do need to start scoring more and receiving fewer foals per match. More about them a bit later.

Finally, the third promoted team of last season was Nottm Forest who won the playoff tournament between the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th placed teams. They came in 5th but managed to squeeze through. Sadly, they are the last placed team so far in the 2024/23 Premier League campaign and are looking to be going back to the Championship. If you are looking to bet on someone, they would be the most obvious pick. Their goal difference is -15, they have only scored 6 goals in 8 matches, and have 1 win, 1 draw, and 6 losses.

Other Candidates for Relegation

Apart from the newly promoted Nottm Forest, it is currently Leicester City and Wolves who are in the 19th and 18th spots, respectively. Leicester also has only 1 win as well as 1 draw and 6 losses, but a much better goal difference of -8. They have a stronger team than their position suggests and should escape relegation by the end of the season. Wolves have 1 win, 3 draws, and 4 losses. Their games are low-scoring affairs for both sides with them only scoring 3 in 8 matches and receiving 9 for a -6 goal difference. They seem to be a good pick for relegation considering their poor goal scoring form.

In the 17th place and just out of the relegation zone, at least for now, is Crystal Palace. They have only played 7 games too so they should be further from the danger zone when they catch up. Goal difference is only -3, they won a single game, drew 3, and lost 3. They are scoring enough to remain in the Premier League, as are Southampton, West Ham, and Aston Villa. They have smaller chances of being relegated and currently sit at 16, 15, and 14, respectively.

The team with the second-worst goal difference is actually Bournemouth, one of the newly promoted teams. They seem to be in trouble defense wise as well as scoring wise. While their standings are not bad right now at 13th place, scoring 6 goals and receiving 19 in the first 8 matches does not spell success. Continuing like this will easily push them back into relegation especially if teams 14 through 18 pick up the pace. Picking them could be the right choice in the end, making two of the three promoted teams the biggest favorites to get relegated.

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