Who is Charles Barkhouse from The Curse of Oak Island?

Charles Barkhouse is one of the members of the famous History TV reality series, called “The Curse of Oak Island”. The show follows a group of researchers, historians, experts, and treasure hunters on their mission to find the mysterious rumored treasure that is allegedly buried on this island.

The team is lead by brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, who are the main stars of the show. However, there are many other people featured on the show, and one of them is Charles Barkhouse.

Charles Barkhouse is an Oak Island expert, historian, tour guide, and museum curator. He often appears on the episodes alongside the others, as the Lagina brothers need expert advice and counseling regarding their moves and quests. Whenever they attempt a project like a new digging site, they talk with Charles first. In addition, whenever they find a new artifact, Charles’s opinion is highly appreciated. Basically, he serves them with his vast knowledge about all things connected to the island and its mystery.

Regarding his private life and biography outside of the show, not a lot is familiar. He was always interested in history overall, and he took history courses in college. He grew up in Nova Scotia, and his grandmother lived across Oak Island. Therefore, he was fascinated with the place from the earliest years of his life. He then moved on to accumulate more and more knowledge regarding Oak Island and its rich and mysterious history.

He mentioned in an interview that his grandmother had friends on the island, a family who lived there during the 1930s and 1940s. One of them was also the godmother of Charles’s father. They received some things from them as gifts, like a painting and a wingchair, made by this Smith’s Cove family. Charles also got a book from his grandma that further interested him in the island. Since then, he has done extensive research, done public speaking, and authored books about the island. Now, he leads tours and cares about the museum there. In addition, he hosts lectures about Oak Island.

For the last 25 years, he has been working on and around the island. He cooperated with dozens of people who are also interested in its mysteries, and he says that he can even draw the island in great detail. He loves helping the Laginas, as well as the Blakenship family, in chasing the treasure of the Money Pit.