Top 10 Weird Sex Positions You’ve Never Heard of

Whether you’re stuck in a pattern or just want to try something crazy, we’re here to help. So I’m going to show you some sex positions that will drive you and your partner crazy. Some of them are difficult do implement. But if you have a Hismith sex machine, it’s just a piece of cake.

The Worm

This position is a little bit complicated. The guy started out flat on his back. Then you mount him as if you would in reverse cowgirl. But instead, you lay down allowing for a different angle. It’s a very nice viewing angle for the guy.

The Splitter

One of the girl’s legs straightened out and then the guy straddles that leg and moves it up slightly and then he takes the other leg in his hand. He can really do whatever he wants with it, but it’s fun to have it on his shoulder. Then he can give you good stretches like a trainer at the gym. Although you have more interesting angles. Try both legs and see which one is more comfortable for you.

The Butter Churner


You start by laying on your back. You’ll need your man’s help. You start by lifting up your hips and using your arms as extra support. He needs to help you out and hold your legs up. Now you bring your legs in and your guy gets on top of you and turns that butter. He can turn all different ways and directions, he can turn slideways and backwards, do a full 180. The challenging part is if you can keep it in the whole time while he turns.

The Spider

So now I am going to tell you probably one of the strangest sex positions we’ve ever heard of. It’s one of the few positions that does also maintain eye contact which a lot of people love. You are going to be in shape for this one and it’s going to wear you out. It starts with you crab walking towards each other. The guy goes under you for support, you go over top. And then you just have some fun. Don’t get too crazy with it

The Snow Angel


Despite what you may think you don’t need snow to accomplish this position. It’s basically an upside-down missionary turn. The girl lays on her back first, but it was nice and flat. Then the guy comes in front of her and penetrates from a weird angle. It’s kind of like a backwards angle, so be prepared. He comes here and it’s almost like a little board here. You then cross your legs and wrap them around his shoulders. You are locked in, moving together as one in this position. Here you can enjoy million-dollar views.

X Marks the Spot

X Marks the spot is probably one of the easiest positions. And it is great for G-spot stimulation. It’s a variation of the missionary but instead of being face to face, you are in a vertically crossed position and make an X. It’s super simple for him to get into. You are going to kind of spread your legs a little bit to allow him to get in. Basically you’re just straight on top of each other.

The Wheelbarrow

Now this position requires a little bit of upper body strength. you’re going to need your partner’s help for this. You get down on your hands and knees and your partner lifts up your legs. And now you are doing the wheelbarrow. For more advanced people you can take your wheelbarrow for a ride around the living room or even take a little rest. It’s a really great position to ride in as well. It allows for a nice deep penetration. And when you’re ready to go you can just take off.

The Waterfall


This one is called the waterfall. So it’s basically if you’re sliding off the couch or a bed while you’re having sex. This is what it is. The girl comes around and gets on top. The view down is awesome and the blood rushes to both heads. You can grind or ride, you have a lot of different options. It’s a variation of the girl on top position and she has all the control here.

The Amazon

The guy gets down and gets his legs up and out of the way and then bends his package forward. As a female, you just step up to the plate. You can grind, thrust or bounce, really do whatever you like or feels good. You’ll have all the control. It’s a new angle and really crazy. You guys definitely have to give it a shot. You can rest your legs up there if you want to, or try different variations of it.

The Superman

So now we’re going to show you a true porn star position called the Superman. You have to be fit and in shape to give this one a shot. We recommend starting on a couch or a bed until you’ve tried it out a few times. The boy sits on the edge and the girl straddles herself in reverse cowgirl. Try it. Have her lock her legs behind you. Grab her arm for a little leverage. You can stand up like Superman. If you want, you can hold out her hand and you can fly.

We hope you’ve learned a lot. Today is a perfect day to try something new. So just try the new things with your partner.

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