Understanding the Video Translation Process for Business Marketing


In recent times, digital technology has advanced to help improve marketing strategies. If you are a video content creator, you need to look for an audio transcription service provider to help in the translation process. There are different languages in the world, and to help your video content be viewed, you need to ensure everyone can understand what you are saying. Viewers will only click away from your videos if no transcription is done because not everyone is an English speaker. Your content may not be recommended as they do not understand it; hence your content will not be marketable.

Importance of Video Translation

• Boost your organic reach

The most important and effective way audiences discover content is by organic search. Organic search has greatly contributed to website traffic. The use of videos is a core tactic to ensure you succeed in the SEO industry. Views, engagement and search ranking improve when you add captions and transcripts to videos. Your content rank for relevant terms is increased if a layer of video transcription services is added, thus increasing your keyword diversity.

Adding video transcriptions in different languages will boost the views because you will have covered every person. When starting your video content business, video transcripts are the most important strategy to consider. So that your keywords are consistent, you need to make sure that phrasing and SEO elements match the video. The nuances of the local spoken language are captured when you hire professional video translation services. Search for your voice is made easy and quick because your SEO is improved. Your video strategy can be crafted to ensure that it is competitive in the market if video translators are hired.

• Boost engagement

Video viewing time is increased by an average of forty percent when you add subtitles, as recent research claims. On average, the percentage of video viewing to completion without subtitles is around sixty-six. The average percentage of videos with title watching to completion is around ninety-one percent. Subtitles help the average improvement of audience viewing by thirty-eight percent. A wider audience is reached, and the subtitles improve viewing times and engagement; hence the views and recommendations of the video are high.

• Improve ROI

The investment of creating quality videos is expensive; hence you need to justify your budget just like in other marketing industries. Across different channels, a great value is added by the video even though costly upfront at times. A video transcript is needed to ensure your video has a blog or dedicated landing page on the website. More customers will be attracted to your website by the video transcript as well as boosting the SEO rankings. If you need your content to reach the EMEA and Latin American markets, the best strategy is to have video translation services. Your sales will be boosted as well as boosting engagement and reach when you translate the video for market purposes in different languages.

Planning for Video Translation

If you already know the target audience and have the video, you make the planning is always made easy. There are more involvements in video transcription services, not only hiring a translator. Here are some of those engagements;
• The message, tone and technical details need to be determined by analyzing the video
• Whether the video transcription will be done in the form of dubbing, subtitles or voiceover need to be determined by the language service provider
• The target audience and language will determine the localization elements to be considered

The transcriber types down the video’s narration as he listens. The significant numbers, tone of voice and gender are noted down. The text and narration are time-stamped throughout the process.

Translating, Localizing, Ad Subtitling Video Content

The client’s needs and objectives help to clarify the translator and client, hence making the video transcription effective. The process needs to be technically advanced whether you choose the video to run dubbing, voiceover or subtitles. You can use voiceovers, subtitles, or dubbing to localize existing content.

• Voiceovers

People talking to each other or talking heads are not focused hence the best option for videos. Video content creators who mainly include landscapes and other non-social features are recommended this type of localization option.

• Subtitles

There are translated texts you view at the bottom of the screen as you watch a video. If you are on a tight budget, this is the best option and what actors say in the videos is well-read by the audiences. You can check for their translation services to get the most out of your video marketing campaigns.

• Dubbing

This is overlaying the original voices with those of your target audience. Compared with subtitling, it is the best because the audience grasps the content because there are no distractions when the video is at play. This option is expensive.


You need to trust professional to help you with the transcription services. As you well know, these services are much more than writing down what you hear been said. Mastery of tools, well-founded strategy and subtitling standards are required to ensure that the process has been done to perfection. Subtitling the video does help not only normal people but also the deaf to understand what they are seeing. Professional service providers ensure that your video is perfect as they focus on providing quality results.

Planning is made easy if you understand the video translating process. As a video content creator, you need to explain your objectives and needs to the professional service provider, saving time and money. The target audience and tone of the video need to be understood. Your video will be optimized, localized and translated perfectly to suit the cultural expectations if you choose professional services. Service providers will ensure your video is translated depending on your target audience. Recommendation and views will be increase when you translate your video into different languages.

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