Keep Your UTV Running Smoothly - Expert Tips for DIY Maintenance

Keep Your UTV Running Smoothly: Expert Tips for DIY Maintenance


Spring is a perfect time for many drivers to check up on their vehicles. Of course, we are talking about those whose vehicles do not move around during the winter. When your vehicle does not go around much during the cold months, checking up on the engine and other parts is a must. In some cases, the amount of maintenance needed is massive. It is much more common than most people think.

Therefore, drivers should arm themselves with patience and be ready to invest significant money into their vehicles if needed. Having a reliable vehicle is a must, and you cannot achieve much without being ready to meet these two criteria during the spring. Of course, you can visit your mechanic, who can conduct this procedure. However, drivers can prepare on their own.

Naturally, the procedure is more complicated if you own a UTV. We are talking about Utility Terrain Vehicles for those who do not know what this is. Those who love their off-road driving know exactly what we are talking about. To keep your UTV running smoothly, it is mandatory to check the state of UTV parts if you have not driven it for a long time. Now, we will provide you with expert tips for DIY maintenance.

Check and Change the Oil

Check and Change the Oil

First, you should check the oil status and change it if needed. How will you know if you have done a proper job? Well, it is rather easy; following the manufacturer’s recommendations in this case is important. Thankfully, manufacturers provide all the instructions you need in this case. Checking and changing the oil can also result in changing the filter sometimes. There are two main reasons why you should do this.

The first is when your UTV hasn’t been ridden for long. That happens during cold months when you cannot go for an off-road ride. Another scenario might be when you have been riding for too long within a few days. Off-roading requires much strength from the engine. Therefore, you would need to check if everything is all right and make the necessary changes to meet the criteria needed for the vehicle to be in the best possible state.

Changing the oil is the best way to prevent the loss of power and engine wear. We don’t recommend anything less than using the highest quality synthetic oil. The reason is simple; synthetic oils do not contain impurities you will usually find in many conventional lubricants. Therefore, you should be as careful as possible when it comes to the oil you will select. You should consult your mechanic to find the best one if you do not know.

Air Filter

Air Filter for UTVs

Another vital element of your UTV is the air filter. Think about it; off-roading is usually closely tied to dusty conditions. With that in mind, your vehicle must be as protected as possible. The air filters protect your UTV from all the dirt and dust that might enter your engine. Why is this significant? Well, these two can cause quite the damage to your piston and rings that can chew away the cylinder wall.

When you clean the air filter, the next thing is to use a compressor to clean all the remaining particles. While it may look like an easy process, many are surprised to see how much of it can remain without the owner noticing for a long time. Thankfully, many products can help you with these. We are discussing chemicals you can use to remove even the slightest particles when you combine them with the compressor.

Naturally, there are many ways you can protect your air filter. For instance, you can seal this segment. That way, you will protect it from all the complex particles and water that can enter the engine and cause much damage. Knowing that makes it much easier to understand why protecting and cleaning the air filter is important. So, committing enough attention and care to this part of the UTV would be best.

Lubricate the Fittings


Your UTV has numerous parts. Therefore, you need to pay attention to all of them. In that case, checking up on the pivot points is highly important. Why is that so important? Well, it is rather simple, the pivot points are crucial for keeping your vehicle’s functions at the highest possible level. To prevent all the potential problems, you should keep the fittings lubricated, and you can do it by lubricating.

We recommend that you use a grease gun to complete this job. The manufacturer will provide information on the best lubricants you can do to achieve the best possible performance. Fortunately, lubricating the fittings is not a complex thing to do. You can do it independently without committing too much time and effort. If you do it for the first time, consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

Brake Maintenance

UTV Brake Maintenance

Lastly, we want to emphasize the importance of frequently checking the brakes’ state. Brakes are an essential part of your safety. It would be best if you inspected them regularly exactly for that reason. First, you should ensure that the brake lines are intact. Furthermore, checking the level and condition of the brake fluids is a must. That way, you will keep them in the best possible shape, guaranteeing your safety.

Off-roading often leads through some rough terrains, which can damage your breaks. This doesn’t mean this will happen every time you finish your riding session. But it is crucial for you to check their condition whenever you finish. Once again, checking up on the brakes is not a complex thing to do. Whenever there is some damage inflicted on them, you can see the damage immediately, no matter how experienced you are.

While it is important to have reliable working brakes, good UTV tires also play a crucial role in harsh conditions.

The Bottom Line

Keeping your UTV in the best possible shape by yourself is possible. You should know all the most important elements to keep your vehicle as good as possible. Here, you can look at all the most important elements to ensure your safety while riding your UTV. We are certain you will find these tips as useful as possible.