Behind The Reels: Understanding The Science Of Rtp In Slot Games

In the world of gambling, slot machines have left a legacy that is unprecedented, and quite marvellous. It is one of the first games that gained worldwide popularity, thanks to its simple designs and user-friendly interface, along with massive representation in cinema and films. These are either electric or electro-mechanical machines, which are a common and popular part of the casinos. These machines are not very hard to use or understand, however, if you want to win big, there are a few things that one needs to understand, and RTP is one of them.


RTP is the acronym for Return To Player. It is one of the most important aspects to understand how slot machines work and is something that professional gamblers learn quite early in their career. There are many online as well as offline RTP slot live tips and tricks that one can go through before playing and gambling away their money.

RTP might seem easy to understand but can be quite tricky instead, especially for new gamblers. The following article would help you understand the science of Return To Player in slot games, and how you could earn big almost every time you play, rather to depend on fate and luck all the time:

What Is RTP Exactly?

RTP, or Return To Player, is simply the money that is returned to the player after one round of bets. It is the percentage of money that the player can earn if all the odds are in their favour. To elaborate and to understand better, for instance, if a player is betting $100 and the machine is set on an RTP of 95%, then the maximum amount that the player could win is $95, after ignoring all the other factors. This is how one can explain the concept of RTP.

Return To Player percentage and shares can be changed for all the slot machines and is different from one another. It is highly advised that players and gamblers take their time to read the literature about the machine they are about to use or to play on, just to make sure that they are not wasting their money and time on a machine with an exceptionally low return to player rate.

Casinos usually have the RTP displayed on the machines, however in very small texts. This serves their dual purpose. First, by putting it out, they are making sure that their neck is safe all the time, and by making the font small, they make sure that not many people would be able to read it. The amount that is left from the 100% of RTP is the profit and cut of the casino, which is used to keep up with the maintenance of the machines and the casino overall. It is a business for them as well, and they too, like everyone else, are constantly devising ways to make sure that the business expands real soon and well.

How Is RTP Calculated?


RTP is the wager that the players can win after the game rounds are over, and the final losses and wins are calculated. The most commonly used formula for finding the Return To Player is:

RTP = Number of Coins a Player Has Won


Number of Coins Used in the Bet

The earlier game machines used simple formulae and had a simple outcome as well. However, with the increase in technology, the RTP was also changed, and it could be calibrated, changed and set out every time before any game, making it beneficial for the casinos.

There is not much scientific data and facts available on the principles, functioning and importance of Return To Players, but from whatever limited data and literature is available, it is safe to say that the CPUs and GPUs have a hard time computing the RTP and are working hard to make sure that the game machines work just fine and smoothly.

How To Win Big?


To win big in a slot game, the very first thing you need to do is to understand the RTP and the slot machine. You cannot always hit a jackpot every time you make a bet, even though you are very confident with your luck and fate. It is also a good idea to separate a bankroll for the money that you are going to gamble away. A bankroll is the money that you are separating from your account, and would not exceed that amount, even if you are losing. It is a well-known fact that under the influence of a substance, and in a fit of rage and anger, new gamblers tend to make bets that are way out of their league, and this is something that other players, gamblers and the casinos take advantage of. This behaviour should be avoided at all costs, as this would leave you vulnerable and at risk of losing big.

Another important aspect to win big is to make sure that you have observed and understood the games properly. It takes time for one to get used to the rules and regulations of the games, not just the slot machines. And if one is not careful in their actions, and is just gambling away for the sake of entertainment, then it is useless. The feeling of hitting a jackpot when the various rows and columns of brightly coloured fishes and candies on the screen align is surreal. Make sure not to play under the influence of any drug, drink, or smoke.


Return to Player (RTP) is an important factor that helps one to understand the complexities, and the functioning of the slot machines, which in turn is useful to know how to bet profitably in every game. There are many online and offline slot games available, along with many coaches and websites that are willing to explain the principles of return to players to the new gamblers. However, make sure that you are investing in the right place, and also make sure whether gambling is allowed and legal in your geographical location.