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Two PDF Converters which will make your Life easier

Everyone dealing with PDFs has already experienced the following situations: You receive a scanned PDF by Email and quickly want to copy and paste the text from it. You are clicking on the PDF like crazy, but nothing happens. Of course, because the PDF is scanned. A similar situation: You have a very large PDF file and only need some pages from it to share them. You are trying to extract the pages with tools like Acrobat reader but no success. Here we show you how you can come across these common issues of dealing with PDFs with the most modern online file conversion services on the market.

For extracting content from scanned PDFs, we recommend a handsome PDF to Word converter which is quite new on the market. You will be surprised how smoothly this converter detects the editable text in your PDF. After uploading your PDF, it will just take a few seconds for this tool to show you that it is done with the conversion. After clicking the download link, you will hold a fully editable word document in your hand which contains all the content of your scanned PDF. But that’s not all: There will also be all images and tables of your original PDF just in the right position. The tool is able to detect images and tables completely automatically. In case you have a connection to scientific articles you will be even more surprised since also any math formulas from your PDF will be available in the Word document. With this powerful tool in your hand, you will never stumble across a scanned PDF again.

But now back to the second problem of catching particular pages of your PDF. Like for converting PDFs to Word also here, the web provides a magic tool to do the job: Just have a look at the page split pdf online. The usage of this converter is quite similar to the one presented before. You will be invited to submit a PDF file, and the app takes some seconds to upload it. When this process is finished, you will find a list of all pages of your PDF. Now you can simply pick the pages you are interested in and download them as independent PDFs. Alternatively, the converter also offers a ZIP archive containing all pages together.

Having tried these new tools for dealing with PDF, you will not be willing to miss them in the future.