6 Best Toy Car and ATV Gifts for Your Kids

Finding the right gift kids is always a struggle. However, cars and ATVs provide an opportunity to gift your kids and make them learn at the same time. But how do you go choosing the right car or ATV for your kid? To help you with your struggle in getting the best gifts for your kids, we have prepared for you a professional list of the 6 best toy car and ATV gifts for your kids for 2024.

Best Toy Cars and ATVs for Kids

The best cars and ATVs for children come in a variety of sizes, shapes and capabilities.  Here are the best toys to choose from;

1. Electric fire truck toys

If you’re looking for a gift for your kid who is three years and above, electric fire truck toys are perfect options. The best fire trucks come with exciting features such as LED lights and sirens to help your kids learn with their ingenuities.

2. Remote control stunt trucks

Remote control stunt trucks are ideal gifts if your kid is four years and above. Look for a truck that can do at least 7 mph while doing crazy stunts off-road without easily flipping over.

3. Big dig and working excavator

Another popular option in the market is the ride-on big dig excavator that allows your kids to think that they are workers in a major archaeological or construction site. The toy comes with a swivel power, as well as digging and dumping capabilities.

4. Laser pegs monster trucks

Do you want a Lego-style build-it-yourself monster truck for your kids? You can get a kit that comes with multiple truck designs, laser peg, tinted construction bricks and a power base. This is a favorite to both kids and parents.

5. Racing truck family game

Have you ever heard of racing truck family game? This is a perfect gift for a kid who is two years and above. The set comes with many pieces that include bridges, music lights, and other accessories for builders to make own track. With this one, the entire family or a gang of friends can participate in the game by building two-level track and then competing against each other in the race.

6. ATVs for kids

ATV, four-wheelers and quads are good choices for your kid’s gifts. This is because they come in varieties, shapes, sizes and capabilities that can fit kids of almost all ages. To choose your best gift, decide whether you want to buy an electric or gas powered ATV.

  • Gas-powered ATVs. Compared to battery-powered ATVs, gas powered ATVs have more capabilities and power and they can therefore travel long distances. In addition to this, they come with additional expenses and not just fuel. You need to always have proper oil, clean carburetors and filters.
  • Battery-powered ATVs. On the other hand, battery-powered ATVs are environmentally friendly, affordable and requires little maintenance. On their part, they are best for young, small and inexperienced riders like kids.


Choosing the best gifts for your kids is always an uphill task. This is because there are countless options out there, all of them offering different experiences for your kids. Here, we have given you a list of the 6 best toy car and ATV gifts for your kids to enjoy. Ride-on ATVs are perfect choices for older kids because they offer an experience that mimics real life. For these reasons, ATV, four-wheeler or kids quad can make perfect gift options for your kids.