Top Video Games to go Back in Time

Video games have the unrivalled power to transport players to parallel universes begging to be explored. From fantasy worlds to hyper-realistic settings, anything goes in the gaming medium. Oftentimes, developers also blend fiction with reality by weaving an imaginary story into the fabric of real-life history.

Unlike books or movies, many such historical games allow players to interact with the expansive world around them and write their own apocryphal story. Others push the immersion to conjure up the vivid atmosphere of days gone by, intertwining the journey of fictional protagonists with legendary figures coming straight from history books.

Some titles even incorporate immersive gameplay mechanics for history buffs looking to dig up a few facts and educational information about the era they’re navigating. So, let’s dive into entries that are just right for an exciting trip back in time.

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is up there with the best historical games around. This action title takes players back to the Kamakura shogunate, a period that saw the establishment of feudalism in Japan, accompanied by the emergence of the samurai military class. Hence, the game’s playable character is a 13th-century samurai left for dead after a Mongol fleet swarmed the shores of the island of Tsushima.

As he miraculously heals from his wounds, Jin Takai learns that the Mongolian forces have effectively invaded the island. To protect his homeland and repel the invaders, Jin must make a hard choice between upholding the samurai code or adopting unorthodox strategies that stray from the way of the warrior. Aside from stealth missions and combat, a graphically splendid open world also allows for the beguiling exploration of tranquil hot springs and remote Shinto shrines that evoke the fascinating Japan of old.

With a 9.1 user score on Metacritic, this samurai tale developed by Sucker Punch Productions received universal acclaim upon its release on PlayStation 4 in 2020. Its massive success prompted an extended Director’s Cut on PS5 a year later and even a movie adaptation currently under heavy development according to news outlets like

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Norse mythology is trendy in the gaming industry, as shown by titles such as God of War, Valheim, and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. In 2020, Ubisoft jumped on the Viking bandwagon with the twelfth mainline installation in the Assassin’s Creed series. Set in the 9th century, AC Valhalla puts players in the shoes of Viking raider Eivor Varinsdottir. As he sails to England to establish a new clan, Eivor becomes embroiled in the age-old feud between the Knights Templar and the Assassin Brotherhood.

Jumping from Scandinavia to the British Isles, Valhalla is probably one of the most visually stunning entries in the franchise. Players can easily lose track of time as they wander the ghostly ruins of the eerie English countryside and bask in the beauty of snowy Norwegian villages under magical northern lights.

Gameplay-wise, the game was a bit more controversial among hardcore AC fans. However, Valhalla retains some core elements for history buffs to enjoy, including an immersive Discovery Tour designed by historians. For a uniquely interactive study, teachers can access learning resources they may use in class on

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

A spin-off of the Ace Attorney series, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles follows the story of Ryunosuke Naruhodo, a Japanese student indicted for a crime he hasn’t committed. To clear his name, he has to defend himself in court since no lawyer is willing to take his case. Indeed, the victim is a British citizen whose assassination could spiral into delicate diplomatic issues as Japan is walking a fine line in its relations with Britain.

Ryunosuke eventually realises that this case hides many more eruptive secrets than meets the eye. Soon enough, he gets caught up in an unexpected venture that takes him to the very heart of the British Empire as an exchange student. In the great city of London, this wannabe attorney will learn the ropes of his newfound trade.

In true Ace Attorney fashion, the cases Ryunosuke must elucidate have their fair share of goofy characters, uncooperative witnesses, and elusive criminal masterminds. A fun adventure across Meiji Japan and Victorian London full of cultural clashes and mind-boggling twists and turns, the two games compiled in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles are an absolute joy for fans of visual novels with a historical spin. Better yet, sales and promotions are commonplace on the Nintendo eShop and store.steampowered.

Card Shark

Card Shark revolves around the story of a mute peasant turned swindler on behalf of a French count. Hired by the secretive Comte de Saint-Germain to embezzle the upper echelons of 18th-century French society, this ex-tavern worker advances from modest gambling dens to the French King’s own table. As oblivious as he is to the true motives of his enigmatic patron, this burgeoning con artist gradually lifts the veil on a much larger conspiracy – only armed with his wits and cunning.

This deceptively fun indie title is a clever subversion of the classic card game tropes, requiring players to cheat right under their opponents’ noses – which include historical figures like the Enlightenment philosophers Voltaire and D’Alembert. The stakes rise with every minigame and executing strategies becomes plain nerve-wracking at critical moments. Incidentally, the thrills of mastering the perfect card tricks may even get seasoned players ready for some real action. If so, they can pick the gambling platform of their liking by visiting websites like

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Whether for escapism or competition, gamers have plenty of reasons to turn on a console. The titles above prove that video games can also be an engaging way to explore the past. Assuredly, no video game claims to be 100% historically accurate. That said, educational features inserted in games like AC Valhalla are perfectly valid learning material. Furthermore, fun virtual banter with historical figures and storylines drawing upon real-life events might as well trigger a true passion for history among gamers.