Top Places in Bangalore for Adventure Lovers

Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, is one of the fastest developing multi-ethnic cities of Asia. Referred to as the Silicon Valley of India, this city is home to many industrial giants. This city also boasts lots of lush gardens, architectural wonders, serene lakes, and beautiful parks. To take a break from their unexciting daily schedule and frenzied work life, people like to go for adventure trips near Bangalore.

When people take a trip to Bangalore they usually discover the entertainment and cuisine that the city has on offer. However, if you are looking for something which has lots of fun and excitement to do and this is not related to drinks or food, then you should make some adventure tours close to Bangalore.

Few outstanding locations in Bangalore are ideal for adventure lovers. Mentioned below are some of the most popular places in Bangalore that are preferred by the adventure lovers:


This is a perfect place for adventure sports and is located just 55 kilometers from Bangalore. You can find adventure sports at the Kunti Betta and SRS Hill that are a blend of simple and tricky activities. When in Ramanagaram, you just cannot miss enjoying the high-rope navigation. It is thrilling and assured to offer you a breath-taking experience. It is ideal to visit this place during the winter or monsoon when the weather is pleasant.


Located just 50 kilometers from Bangalore Savandurga is known for Asia’s biggest monolithic rock. The hill elevates to more than 1200 m above sea level which makes it a perfect spot for trekking. Novice trekkers will be glad to know that hiking at Savandurga is not tricky and professional trekkers can trek through the trail quite easily. The best time to visit this place is in the months of October to March. During this time, the temperature remains cool and thus tourists can enjoy to the fullest. Also, there are several resorts and hotels located nearby where tourists can stay. A number of restaurants can also be found here which serves delicious foods.

Nandi Hills

Trekkers frequently come here to discover the stunning areas. It is quite safe to mount the hills. On the holidays, numerous families and youngsters carry out the Nandi Hills trek at night-time. The site is also well-known with adventure lovers who come here to take pleasure in activities, for instance, ziplining and rock climbing. Situated near to the city of Bangalore, you can take a trip to the Nandi Hills by public bus or take a car by means of the Bangalore-Tumkur road.


This is a heaven on Earth where people come to lighten up and have fun. Adventure lovers can enjoy sports like coracle riding or take part in kayaking or ziplining.


This is a well-known trekking destination close to Bangalore. The hiking track at Makalidurga starts from the Krishna Temple and finishes at the remains of the fort. You will also pass via granite rocks and a tiny wooded area. You can grasp stunning sights of the Gunjar Lake from the peak of the hill, which resembles like South America map from a distance.


A hidden treasure, Bidadi is an incredible place to visit if you are searching to have fun in the outdoor. The place is linked by road and has lots of adventure sports experiences to take pleasure in. The rocky trail here makes it well-liked for cycling and hiking. As it is quite near to Bangalore, numerous people visit here to witness the crack of dawn in the morning.


Situated on the coast of the Cauvery River, this place is a perfect place from the chaotic life of the city. The location is also perfect for a short trip. It is quite near to Bangalore and there are plenty of outdoor adventures and water sports for kids and adults to enjoy.


It is not only a popular picnic spot but also great for adventure sports near Bangalore. The river in Mekedatu is the ideal place to take part in a few watersports, while the hills are ideal for mountain sports and treks. If you want to stay during the night in Mekedatu, there are little homestays and inns as well as a resort in Bangalore with comfy facilities and advanced amenities. To check out some of the best accommodation offers visit


Just off the Bangalore-Tirupati Highway is Anthargange. It is an outstanding destination for a one-day adventure tour. In Anthargange, you can go for trekking or any other adventure sports. Whichever activity you select, you will end up having a lot of excitement. If you are an enthusiastic explorer, visit the temples that are situated near the hills.


This is the perfect place for rafting in the state of Karnataka.  You can take pleasure in the sights of the gorgeous wooded area with lots of trees that are very aged and green plants extending downward to the water.

Kunti Betta

Situated in Pandavapura, Kunti Betta is an extraordinary trekking destination for both amateur and professional hikers. Along with the unbelievable scenery, the utter experience of climbing up to the hill at night is breath-taking. Trekking is not the only outdoor activity to enjoy at Kunti Betta. Water sports are also held near the lake.

With year-round pleasant conditions in Bangalore, it becomes one of the ideal cities to set free your internal adventurer. When it comes to adventure activities in Bangalore, the city has a lot to offer. There are quite a few outdoor activities to keep you thoroughly entertained; from dirt biking and paintballing to zorbing and wall climbing & trekking; Bangalore draws the attention on the ones that will get your heart racing and assure a whale of a time. Whether you are in a group or going solo, here is what you need to do.

Not many are conscious of the adventurous side of the city! But Bangalore has a lot to offer to contest lovers. Those who are smitten with the need for pace, the rock-strewn landscape of dirt track are ideal for them.