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Top 15 Countries with The Longest Life Expectancy

Life expectancy of an average person on the planet is 71.5 years (68 years and 4 months for males and 72 years and 8 months for females). It is a huge improvement from just 70 years ago when it was 48 and it will continue to grow, as medicine and quality of life continue to improve. However, there are some countries that already live in the future, at least as far life expectancy is considered. Here are the top 15 of them.


Mediterranean climate, lots of Sun and olive oil, it is no wonder that Italy is among the countries with the highest life expectancy. Add in the laid-back lifestyle devoid of the rat race so characteristic of some other societies and you get an average life expectancy of 89. Not bad.


Monaco isn’t really a representative country of a long life span since its population is tiny and a vast chunk of it is the world’s richest people, which can afford diet and health care usually not available for average people. Even though, its life expectancy of 89 must be taken into account.


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Apparently, lots of anime is good for you. Jokes aside, main contributors to Japan’s average life expectancy of 85 are simple diet and its relaxed approach to life. Excellent healthcare system should also be mentioned.


Another city-state, Singapore has a fairly small population, compared to its neighbors. That doesn’t mean its achievements in prolonging the lives of its citizens should be dismissed, though. Often praised as one of the cleanest cities in the world, Singapore’s obsession with hygiene surely plays a part in the longevity of the people who live there.


With an average life expectancy of 83, Andora is among the top European nations. Although tiny, its status as tax heaven has brought its citizen’s immense wealth and economic benefits, which in turn led to the quality of their lives, increasing it significantly.


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Plenty of Alpine air, pure mountain water and a very high quality of life make the Swiss one of the longest-living nations on the planet. Its legendary health system is also a major contributing factor. With an average life expectancy of 83, Switzerland is regularly placed among the top ten countries ranked by longevity.


Another micronation, Macau greatly benefits from its gambling industry, drawing millions of Chinese tourists every year, eager to try their luck in one of many casinos that litter the coastline. The huge influx of cash allows Macau to spend lavishly on healthcare for its citizens, leading to a life expectancy of 84.

South Korea

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The average life expectancy of South Koreans is 84, which is an impressive achievement. What is even more impressive is the life expectancy of South Korean women, which is 90.


Another Mediterranean country, blessed with a gentle climate, healthy food and a very low alcohol consumption per capita. Israel boasts a life expectancy of 83, which is a major achievement compared to its neighbors.


A proof that one doesn’t have to live in a pleasant climate to reach old age, Iceland’s citizen on average live to 82. A low level of pollution, thanks to a small population and mainly a seafood diet, combined with the fact that Iceland is among the happiest nations on the planet, have allowed them to be on this list.

San Marino

If you live in a tiny nation located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, chances all you will live well past 80. San Marino’s citizen on average makes it to 82.

Hong Kong

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In terms of hygiene, Hong Kong is pretty much the opposite of Singapore. The city is also chronically overcrowded, but that doesn’t stop people living there to have an average life expectancy of 81.


Considering all the animals that can kill you, Australians are doing great or have just grown accustomed to avoiding them. A life expectancy of 82 isn’t something you would expect from a country filled with every manner of deadly snakes and insects and surrounded by sharks.


Another cold country, Sweden is famous for its social laws and safety network it provides for its citizens. Maybe this lack of stress is the reason why life expectancy is 80. It is also regularly present on the lists of world’s happiest nations.


Living in a tax haven seems beneficial to life expectancy since citizens of Guernsey on average live up to 82. Perhaps low taxes do contribute to one’s longevity.