The Premiere Date of Bosch Season 7

After its big premiere, what can we expect when it comes to the Bosch season 7? This article might be your earliest source of information!

We will begin with simply this: The series has already been renewed for that season. Amazon is not wasting any time.

However, there is a bittersweet aspect to the news, as well. It has been confirmed that the new batch of episodes is going to be the show’s last.

This means that there would be a fitting conclusion and that we are closer to it. In the statement when the last season was first confirmed, here is what the author/show executive producer Michael Connelly said:

“I’m proud of what we have accomplished with Bosch and look forward to completing the story in Season 7 … It’s bittersweet, but all good things come to an end, and I am happy that we will be able to go out the way we want to.

“This started seven years ago with showrunner Eric Overmyer and me writing the pilot. We plan to write the last episode together as well. We’ll leave behind the longest-running show so far on Amazon, and it will be there to be discovered by new viewers for as long as people are streaming.”

Amazon owes a great deal of gratitude to Bosch. The show was one of the most-famous entities in the service.

Because of the current coronavirus crisis, it is hard to determine an exact Bosch season 7 premiere date.  However,  we remain optimistic that it will return in 2021.