Tanya Nolan is Becoming a HIT with New Single ‘Love Ya’

Like all things on this Earth, music is also changing its ways as the time passes. What was once the popular disco music with energetic, electronic beats, and Rock n Roll guitar solo’s, now is substituted with modern hip hop elements. Music changes to better reflect the world we live in. Music is the way people express themselves, and it gives us an insight into artists and the whole thought process behind every lyric.

Nowadays artists create their music based on the more chilled rhythms of house techno and hip hop. While Pop culture is still predominant on the music scene, Hip Hop has recently been dominating the music charts.

Tanya Nolan’s Single ‘Love Ya’ Is a Major HIT!

The song premiered only a week ago and has already left a positive mark on the audience listening to the song worldwide. The song is a pop song and has already been popular on music apps such as Spotify and iTunes, as well as, Amazon. The song features Hip Hop artists Kirko Bangz which adds another genre to the already rich mix. While the younger and modern audience will appreciate the Hip Hop element, it’s safe to say that ‘Love Ya’ can be appreciated by every generation, young and old.

The song is about two people who are in a loving relationship, but things aren’t rosy like in the movies. The couple has to recognize that things aren’t as they should, but if love teaches us anything is that, if it’s meant to be, it will be. The song itself sits well with its audience because of the powerful message it sends; true love cannot be held back by anything.

The producer of the music video, Bruce Bang, and the visuals by Dang Films, has done a great job of combining the enchanting lyrics with excellent video production quality. Simply put, the song has all the necessary elements of emerging as a HIT song.

A Little Bit About Tanya Nolan

Tanya was born in Galveston, Texas, and now lives in the hearth of the state, Houston. Tanya herself gained musical education that helped her develop her own unique musical style throughout the years. She is well known throughout clubs and bars in the Houston area, performing her music for the lovers of pop music. The most beautiful part of her music is her powerful voice, which she combines with different genres, mostly pop and Hip Hop, to create music for all races and ages.

Her music is mostly love-related, and the songs are usually about two people that share a loving relationship. What’s so great about her music is that she sings a story that most people can relate to it. It’s about situations that involve lots of fighting, but in the end, love prevails. Her recent hit ‘Love Ya’ shares a similar story of overcoming all the problems through the power of love.

We truly believe that the combination of different musical styles and her voice will propel Tanya to the top of the Pop music charts soon.

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