Symptoms Of Dirty Throttle Body

When your car’s engine gets a perfect combo of air and fuel, you do not need to worry, in that case, your engine works excellent, and you are getting the best performance from your machine. The dirty throttle body is something that can ruin all this since this is the part where fresh air from the filters goes to the engine. This large valve can get dirty easily and quickly, and you will notice a few things which are all symptoms of a dirty throttle body.

It is the most common issue with the engine in the newer models because it is considered to be a critical part of any machine. In the article below you can read about the most common symptoms of the dirty throttle body.

Rough Idling


Rough idling is the most usual symptom of the dirty throttle body. If your valve is clean, you are at of 500-1000 RPM, but if the RPM moves fast and your car jiggle you have a dirty valve 100%. In this case, you should immediately go to the garage and get this fixed.

Low Mileage and Acceleration

When you have a dirty throttle body, your car is using more fuel and you mpg figure drops. Do not ignore that, clean that valve before it is too late.

Dirty Housing

Another sign that there is an issue is the extra dirt inside the housing. If your car starts working overtime, you must know that dirt affected the balance of fuel and air in your engine.

Carbon Deposit

Carbon deposit can make a mess inside the walls of the valve because they can create a rough surface, and change the ideal ratio of the mix of air and fuel.

Electrical Problem

Electrical problems are the most usual issues of new and modern vehicles because many things in cars is controled by computers. All kinds of connectivity’s issues can cause bad interactions with sensors. This can cause several problems and the dirt in the throttle body is one of them.

Vacuum Leaks

Your throttle body is ready for cleaning if your vacuum leaks. This means you have throttle body pressure problems. If your RPM is very high or very low, you must know that your vacuum leaks.

The Best Home Solution


The solution to this problem is so easy and quick that you can do that in your house; you just need to have a bottle of WD-40.

When you remove the air pipe from the throttle body spray WD-40 for 1 minute and then wait for 15 minutes. It is important to press the accelerator because it will open the valve of the throttle body.

After 15 minutes, start the engine of your car and slowly increase the RPM to 3000. After a few minutes, you must see the white smoke if you did everything by the instructions.

Your problem Is Still Here

If you do not know for sure if your throttle body is dirty, you need to contact a qualified and experienced mechanic. The mechanic will scan your car’s computer system and find all the fault codes.

You will save loads of money if you don’t ignore the symptoms of the dirty throttle body and remember every car check at the mechanic’s need to involve the air induction service and fuel injection flush. These actions will clean out all the dirt in your engine.