Supernatural season 15 Release Date and Everything you Need to Know

In the article down below you can read everything you want to know about new series Supernatural season 15. At the beginning of this year, it was confirmed that Supernatural, season 15 will air on The CW.

We are all anxious to find out when does the new season start. If you continue with reading you will find out air date, cast, see trailer, and plot of the new series, Supernatural.

There is no reason for fear, this magnificent series will have one more season, it is official, The CW confirmed.

This popular action, fantasy has splendid cast; Jared Padalecki ( in the role of Sam Winchester), and Jensen Ackles ( in the role of Dean Winchester). This leading pair of actors is on the little screen since 2005, and we all want to know if they will appear in season 15.

What is the air date of Supernatural season 15 on The CW?

In the past years all seasons of Supernatural, since season eight, starts in the autumn, in October, and the series has not received a release date yet. We can only guess when it will be, and wait for the official announcement for October 2019. It is unknown how many episodes will be in season 15 of Supernatural.

Who will star in Supernatural season 15?

The tremendous duo, Padalecki and Ackles will return, it is certain. They are playing together in Supernatural since 2005. The Winchester brothers have appeared in every episode for the past 14 years. Misha Collins ( in the role of Castiel) and Samantha Smith ( in the role of Maggie Winchester) can also return in season 15, and complete the favorite cast.

What will happen in Supernatural season 15?

The synopsis for Supernatural season 15 is well-hidden secret because season 14 is still airing in the USA on The CW, and in the UK on Channel 4, sister channel E4, is yet to start. If you are watching Supernatural from the USA you can add The CW to Hulu packages.

Unfortunately, the plot for Supernatural season 15 is unknown in order to avoid spoilers for season 14, the only thing we know for sure is that Winchester brothers will fight the evil with supernatural powers.

We could also see in the season 15 come back to cast; Alexander Calvert ( in the role of Jack), Mark Pellegrino ( in the role of Lucifer), and The Walking Dead star, Jeffrey Dean Morgan ( in the role of John Winchester).

Is there a trailer for Supernatural season 15?

The CW has not yet been released an official trailer for Supernatural season 15. We probably will see the trailer when release date announces, and when filming of season 15 will complete.

The trailer for season 14 was released in July 2018 at Comic-Con, and the season started in October.

The first peak fans can expect to see in summer 2019, and season 14 of Supernatural continues on The CW on March 7, 2019.