Stunning Hairstyles for Gray Hair


It is an open secret that gray hair color has evolved from an unwelcome sign of aging to a growing trend during the last few years. Indeed, gray, silver and white hairstyles are super popular with everyone now – from young girls to elder women.

And there are some reasons for that:

  • gray changes images dramatically
  • it works for women of all ages and all color types
  • looks great on different haircuts, from classic to avant-garde
  • is perfectly combined with basic and rainbow colors

Bright and elegant at the same time, the gray includes the spectrum of black and white – it unites the opposites. Maybe, this is the secret of the color’s popularity both with blondes and brunettes?

Nevertheless, there are also some downsides of gray hair:

  • first, the hair should be bleached (which is a harmful procedure for our locks)
  • the pure gray color is hard to achieve, so the hair should be dyed only in the salon (if you don’t wanna a greenish or yellowish outcome)
  • regular and intensive care for a silvery blonde is a must (and it’s rather pricey)
  • constant moisturizing and color protection are required
  • you should minimize all thermal procedures like blow-drying, using hair styling irons, because they damage the bleached hair twice more than the natural one

While it used to be a challenge to find a nice pic of a stunning hairstyle for gray hair on the net a couple of years ago, today, websites and social networks are stuffed with such photos. So, we decided to find the most fantastic and beautiful looks and show you here, in the gallery below:

Short Gray Hairstyles

Short gray hairstyles are not about your years anymore! They’re about fashion, trends, and style.

Just try it and don’t bother to experiment. Sometimes such images require bright makeup: glossy scarlet or berry lips, grotesque eyes, and doll-like eyelashes.


But the gray color can also help you add some natural notes to the image, refinement, and charm.


Avant-garde asymmetrical haircuts are also often used as the base for gorgeous silver, sometimes in tandems with pink, purple, gray, green.


Hairstyles for Frizzy Gray Hair

Gray hair doesn’t tolerate a lack of shape and styling. This shade looks great on Hollywood curls, volume bobs, architectural pixies. So, that’s the reason why hairstyles for fizzy gray hair are so much loved too.

Add some volume to the roots and enjoy your incredible look:


Silver movement in your naturally curly hair will become your trump card, something everyone turns a head to, and never ever forgets.


Medium Silver Hair Ideas

As an independent color or combined with other colors (pink, purple and even a classic blond), silver-gray does change your image completely. Just check these medium silver hair ideas to make sure how glorious this color is:


Hopefully, our gallery of amazing hairstyles for gray hair has inspired you to try this top trendy color and play with your style. Wanna shine and stand out? Go for it and visit teiltes.

Dear ladies, love yourself! And never deny yourself that freedom of style changes. Experiment with the images, hairstyles, make-ups. Listen to your inner voice. And if that crazy voice is saying to rock that stunning silver hair, just do it!