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6 pickup concepts that Jeep will introduce

It is expected that Jeep would introduce brand new and ultra-modern pickup concepts during the event that would take place in Moab, Utah, from 13th to 21st April this year. Jeep has been organizing this event for the last 53 years and this was the opportunity for all to see and try out new models of the company.

Sixteen years ago, Jeep has decided to use Moab as the opportunity to present its concepts to the public and thus see the reactions to the new unit. The entire event in Moab actually had its beginning in 1967 when it was intended as the visitors’ attraction for off-road units. The entire Safari event takes place for nine days, and Saturday before Easter is the main day.

6. Flatbill

It has been decided to base this model onto Gladiator and this model is actually used for hauling bikes. As far as the exterior is concerned, it would have wheels of 40 inches as well as sliding ramps. The entire design has bright colors coming from dirt bikes.

5. Wayout

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Another concept that has its roots in the Gladiator and it should be just added that the unit also has a tent-like roof addition that would be ideal for creating shade or when sleeping. The wheels would be made from steel and tires would be of 37 inches. The exterior design would be somewhat army-like with green color. It seems as if the unit has been designed for safari.

4. Five-quarter

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From the years of starting its production, i.e. 1967-1969, 30,000 military pickups have been produced by Jeep, most of whom have been used during the Vietnam War. Five-quarter owns its design to these units. The first thing that is noticed is the roof that has been lowered for 3.5 inches and the tires used are of 40 inches. The wheels itself are 20 inches. The cargo area would also have a wooden door. The front of the pickup has been made from carbon fiber.

3. Gladiator Gravity

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It is available for sales and it has wheels of 35 inches. The most interesting thing about it is its tubular door and there is also a lift of 2 inches. The pickup is intended for rocky terrains which are seen from the installation of drawers that would have equipment for rock climbing. It should be said that if you want to have all of its accessories, you would have to pay about 8K USD.

2. Scrambler

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This one carries the same name as the jeep from the 1980s did. The stripes in two colors are giving it its retro look. There are tires of 37 inches along with the lift of 2 inches. The manufacturer also used LED lights of 7 inches to boost the look.

1. J6

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The design of the unit is based on a Wrangler that has 6 doors and the exterior design has a blue color. The wheelbase if of 118.4 inches and the tires have 37 inches. The manufacturer has decided to go for a 3.6-liter V6 engine.