Step By Step Procedure To Remove Full Lace And Lace Front Hair Wigs Without Hurting Yourself


Most of the women who say that they experienced hair loss or headache after wearing wigs had one thing in common – how they removed the wig post wearing it. Yes, it is essential to note that an incorrect and haphazard way of removing your wig will cause damage to not only your hairpiece but also your skin. Hence, it is essential that you learn the right technique to remove custom wigs post usage.

Take a look at some of the common mistakes that one makes while removing their wig:

1) Improper removal of adhesive

When you compare lace front wigs vs full lace wigs in terms of fixing them on to your scalp, you will notice that you apply a different amount of adhesives at distinct places to secure the wig around your head. However, people forget this while removing a wig which they shouldn’t. Also, using abrasive methods and aggressive rubbing just to get the glue off the skin isn’t the way as it does more harm than good to you and your hairpiece.

2) Direct removal

Another major way in which people remove wigs is – directly. It not only causes direct damage to your skin because of the adhesives but also damages your wig. In this regard, if you are an avid lover of lace front wigs Canada collection, make sure you adopt the right wig wearing and removing techniques to make it work in your favor.

Here’s the account of things that you need to remove your hair wig properly:

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1) An adhesive remover (It can be alcohol based or oil based depending on your preference and what suits your requirement).

2) Small and soft brush. Small cotton buds will do the work too.

3) Soap and water to loosen the hold of the adhesive.

4) Wig stand, mirror, and large hair clips.

Now come the steps that you need to follow for proper hair wig removal:

1) If you have styled your wig into some hairdo then undo that. Let your scalp relax for some time before you go ahead with removing the wig.

2) Now clip the wig at the crown in order to get a very clear view of the seams of the lace base that is glued with adhesive to your scalp or wig cap.

3) It is time to apply the adhesive remover along the lace seams. Make sure that none of it comes into contact with the hair wig. Wait for the adhesive to loosen up as per the manual instructions. Please do not try to make things hurry up by poking around in between; it will be of no help.

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4) Once you feel that the wig has loosened up a good deal then start pealing it off side by side and carefully lift your wig and place it on the wig stand so that its shape gets good support.

5) Now, you need to clean up your face of hairline of the remnants of the adhesive and the adhesive remover. This is where you need to know that if you are going to use Canada wigs then you must find the right type of adhesive and remover that you can use on an almost daily basis as these wigs demand high-quality maintenance and care.

Hoping that you’d put the above steps and knowledge to good use and take better care of your skin and hair wig alike. For, it’s not just about wearing wigs but wearing them the right way!


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