Small House Design: Expert Tricks to Decorate Your Small House

It is not always possible to bring some monumental elements into miniature architecture. We have to resort to optimized solutions. Such solutions may be the golden mean you have been looking for. Here are some ideas on how to decorate a small house:

White color is our favorite color

White color reflects light and fills even the interior with insufficient lighting. Keyrenter South Florida PM Team explains the abundance of light visually expands the space. White walls also offer almost limitless decorating possibilities. Against such a background, any detail of a saturated shade becomes even brighter, and an interesting idea catches the eye of even the most inattentive guest.

Try using light-colored paintings as well, as this will help create an airy atmosphere and make the space as large as possible. Or make an emphasis on you wall art: it can be its color, topical plot, shape or shades etc. Anything that catches the eye.

Less details

The feeling of clutter must not be allowed in any case. A dozen frames with photographs, a collection of vases and three indoor flowers is too much even for a spacious room. The same applies to art, do not choose drawings with a lot of details and elements, because they do not make a good impression and minimize the space around you. Choose art that belongs to the minimalist style: quotes, pop art, abstract landscapes, etc. Experiment a little bit!

Geometric shapes

To decorate a small room in a modern style with geometric motifs, you need to act boldly. Triangles and squares are everywhere, from the carpet on the floor, which echoes the wall decor, to the graphic structure of the floor lamp.

Also, designer furniture can be an interesting highlight: color, shape, unusual manifestation will definitely stand out and favorably decorate the size of the room. Don’t forget about paintings: paintings with geometric shapes will just as beautifully attract attention, but they won’t take up space.

Pastel shades

Whatever the size of the apartment, the main thing is comfort and eye-pleasing decor. The pastel colors dominating the design give it Scandinavian charm and create the feeling of a delicate cocoon that you don’t want to leave. All accessories emphasize the modesty and simplicity of the image. A fantasy chandelier, which is suitable for any apartment, deserves special attention. Also pay attention to the delicate plots of the paintings: abstract, geometric, interesting paintings of soft colors. The choice is yours.

Many frames for wall decor

The easiest way to start decorating a small apartment is from the walls. Well-chosen and placed picture frames can brighten up a rather modestly furnished room in a vintage style. This technique is very relevant today, as it allows you to give a unique design without significant costs. If there are not many paintings on the wall, and the room does not look cluttered, feel free to add small elements in the form of framed wall paintings – they will create an impression of scale.

Print is important

In this case, the size of the print should be small, without bright contrasts: colorful colors simplify the interior, add a sense of disorder to the atmosphere, especially where there is little space. If the furnishing of the room takes up most of the space, exclude the lining with a pattern from the list of priorities: it is more expedient to show the spaciousness through the relief texture of the wallpaper, for example, in the form of large brush strokes, chaotic stucco, embossed stripes.

This is especially true of the kitchen, hallway, corridor and bathroom of a small apartment: in these places, a colorful pattern on the walls is undesirable, it will steal the usable area, even if the shade of the wallpaper is light.

The most appropriate prints here are plant and floral motifs, small monograms, lace with leaves and branches. Large flowers, geometry, polka dots are not allowed.

If the combination of wallpaper with sheathing materials (for example, laminated or plastic panels) is chosen as the basis for the style of the walls, it is worth choosing the latter in light colors, even if the design is intended to finish in the form of rough surfaces (for example, masonry or plaster).


Whatever the style of the apartment chosen as the basis for the furnishings, it cannot change dramatically in different rooms. So you can create the effect of crushing the apartment, which is completely unacceptable. Eclecticism is a good solution, but it is appropriate in this case by choosing identical shades or decor items. It is impossible to combine incompatible things (for example, African style and minimalism, loft and classics): this will deprive the arrangement of comfort. Despite the fact that everything in a small apartment requires strict functionality, you can find space for several decorative accessories in it. As a room decor you can use:

  • small paintings with a simple pattern and laconic frames;
  • small photo collages in the form of several frames on one wall;
  • shelving with lighting and glass shelves;
  • wallpaper colors or zoning techniques in the form of a panel;
  • small wall sconces, spotlights of laconic shapes with closed white shades and metal decor.

The plot matters

Wall art will help create a unique atmosphere filled with comfort and sophistication. To add dynamism and activity to the style in any room, all shades of blue, which are responsible for the movement of energy flows, will help. Location matters, as well as the plot of the painting. If the canvas will be placed above a piece of furniture, then you need to decide in advance on its size. The optimal ratio of the width of the wall art and the back of the sofa is 1: 2. If the wall art items with the image are not one, but two or three, then the free space should be at least 1/3 of the size of the furniture.

For a classic room style, traditional painting will be appropriate, high-tech abstractions will complement. Images of landscapes, animals, and birds look good in the guest room. The interior design, made in brown and burgundy, will complement the canvases with paintings of the Classicism era. Marine painting looks harmoniously on light walls. When creating paintings in the interior of the living room, the hostesses can also show their creativity. The popularity of embroidered paintings using the technique of cross and stitch, and embroidery of canvases with beads. Such images will give the atmosphere a special uniqueness and comfort. All of the arts mentioned above you can find at

Use your imagination and creativity and follow our tips! As a result, you will have the best decoration out there! We promise.

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