Skydiving in California – Why it is so awesome?

So many people have created bucket lists. Why create a bucket list? Live life! It’s time for adventure and finding those incredible moments that just stick with you.

There are so many different things in this world to try. One adventure that many may be considering is skydiving. Not sure about skydiving? Looking for more information? Well, then let’s jump into some interesting facts.

Up, Up and Away to History!

There is an amazing amount of information about skydiving. But, have you ever wondered about the history and where it actually got started? It was originally called parachuting. The concept of parachuting was invented in 1797. A man in Paris by the name of Andre-Jacques Gamerin, created a contraption and decided to jump from a hydrogen balloon to test his design.

His jump was a little over 3,000 feet. This historical step has taken many to new heights of adventure.

Today, the parachutes that are used are nothing like the original that was developed. Mr. Gamerin didn’t even have his parachute in any type of bag. This came much later in the developments off of his invention.

Going Tandem, anyone?

In 1983 a man named Ted Strong invented a new way to skydive. Tandem skydiving came alive. He developed a way for two people, an instructor and a student to be able to jump from a plane together.

This first jump by Mr. Strong opened up a new world to so many people looking for adventure. A new business industry born opening so many doors to endless possibilities. To help create adventures for so many of the public.

Being able to connect an experienced skydiver with one whom has never done so before provides a level of safety. The experienced diver is able to help the student through the jump. By controlling the parachute and watching for the correct height of release so the student doesn’t have to. Keeps the inexperienced safe.

Are you getting excited now? Ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Ever considered going on the world’s highest tandem skydive? Well, then I guess it’s time you seek out that adventure and live it up.

See The Bay From New Heights!

Do you love visiting and touring around California? Especially San Francisco? Not sure what to do? Then it’s time that you fulfill one of your adventures. Go skydiving for the first time ever in your life!

One place that can surely awaken your adventurous side is Skydive Monterey Bay. You will get to see San Francisco from a new perspective. Through the best skydiving adventure ever. You can see the whole Monterey Bay area. They also offer the world’s highest tandem skydive. Imagine seeing the San Francisco area from 18,000 feet in the air. Being able to see the entire area. Roads, the bay, people all around. Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. Think about the adrenaline rush.

Not sure about the world’s highest tandem skydive? There is also much more options available. You can choose jumps from 10,000 feet or 15,000 feet. These jumps may help you feel a little more comfortable, but still get the views and the adventure you are looking for.

Have fun and reach new heights visiting the San Francisco area. You are sure to have some awesome memories created through such a wonderful adventure in skydiving. To find out additional information, simply hop on the internet and soar on over to the website to book your adventure. it is sure to be the greatest that you will ever have.