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General Shaving Tips for the Men

Visually the process of shaving looks as simple as ABC but in actual it is not that simple. If you are shaving for the first time or you have any problems related to the skin than shaving can be the worst nightmare for you. So, it is recommended for you to follow some useful pieces of advice before, during and after the shave.

A famous website recommends taking care of all these points that are going to publish. The reason is that the people who don’t follow the shaving tips are more likely to suffer from skin irritation and razor bumps. Here we are going to discuss the shaving tips that are easy to follow for everyone.

Pre- Shaving Tips

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The tips that should be followed before the process of shaving are known as pre-shaving tips. So, let’s discuss them.

Before handling a razor, just wash your face with the mildly warm water. By doing this you can soften your hair. Also, use a good face wash or scrub with that water. It can clean your skin from the excess of dirt and oil. Although many of the men ignore this factor that should be done to have a smooth shave. After washing your face just use a towel to dry your face. I will recommend you to keep a small towel separate for this purpose.

Tips During Shave

The first question is about the decision of an electric or manual razor. For me, both of them are fine but can vary from person to person depending upon the circumstances. If you are having sensitive skin then go for an electric trimmer or clipper. Manual razor is fine for the people having normal skin (not sensitive) type.

After selecting your equipment, just hold the razor in your hand and try to shave in the direction of your hair growth. Don’t use a razor in the opposite direction of your hair growth during the first attempt as it can hurt your skin very badly and can give you some extreme skin irritation problems.

Some of the people with the old school of thought still keep on saying that no shaving cream is necessary for the process of shaving. Alternatively, you can use any soap or just use the razor directly on the skin. Well, I disagree with that point because for me shaving cream is the most important thing that can give you a close and smooth shave. Its ingredients also have some antiseptic properties that can keep your skin away from the germs and dirt. Moreover, cream or gel can soften your facial hair for a better experience.

Post Shaving Process

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Should you use aftershave or just washing the face with the normal soap is fine? Well, this point is also debatable for many of us. Personally, I will recommend you to use a good aftershave as I also like to use it for myself. An aftershave with natural ingredients can protect your skin from various things including irritation, razor bumps, and allergies.

General Tips That Everyone Should Follow to have a smooth, close and comfortable shave

Here are some other shaving tips that the people of all ages and all types of skin can follow

Check Your Razor Before Every Shave

If you are using a disposable or manual razor for shave than make sure to change it frequently. Most of the blades are made up of stainless steel that does not perform well when they get old. Usually, I recommend to use a manual razor for 10 shaves and after that, you can switch to a new one.

Go for natural Shaving Cream/Gel and aftershave too

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I have already discussed that most people do not like to use shaving cream, gel or foam with the manual razors that is the biggest mistake in my opinion. My recommendation is to choose a shaving cream that is made up of natural ingredients. These ingredients can contain coconut oil, Aloe Vera, organic white grape juice, hemp oil, vitamin E and much more. As these products are natural. So, they are not harmful to any skin. People who have sensitive skin and suffer from skin problems should choose the products that contain these types of ingredients.  I have also seen some people who claim that organic shaving creams are not made for straight or manual razors. They also say that these products are not made for delivering close shaves. Well, all these claims are baseless and are not true. Companies are manufacturing different types of products for the needs of people.

It is true that with the straight razors, traditional shaving creams are used for most of the time. But you can also use organic products along with manual or disposable razors. As they also give a good result.

Secondly, don’t miss using good quality aftershave. If you are reluctant to use alcohol-based aftershave than go for a natural one. But the point is to just use them on your skin. It can protect your skin from various problems.

Follow a Fixed Routine

Most people like to have a shave on a daily basis while others do it once in 48 hours. Well, there is no hard and fast rule about that and its totally your choice. I just want to say that follow a fixed shaving routine instead of doing that on irregular intervals. This technique is also recommended by men’s fashion experts and dermatologists. I have opted for the choice of doing a shave within 48 hours instead of a daily basis.

Our Final Conclusion

I know that selecting the right equipment for your skin type is more than important. But choosing the right equipment is just the half task that you have done. Along with the proper razor, it is necessary to follow the proper shaving tips before during, and after the completion of the shaving process. These small tips can save you from severe pain and bad experience. I hope you will find these tips beneficial. Feel free to follow them irrespective of your skin type as they are generally published for every man.

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