Mistakes to avoid when searching for a job online

Applying for jobs can be a stressful and nerve-wracking time. There is too much uncertainty and anticipation in a job-seeker’s mind of whether they will get a job or not. Add to that the several factors you need to keep in mind during the interview, and most job-seekers end up succumbing to their stress. In such situations, we are more likely to make a mistake than ever before. However, these small mistakes can actually cost you a potential post if you don’t resolve them.

The Covid-19 situation has forced every job-seeker to apply from the comforts of their home. The search for a job is usually done via a site such as JobsFuel that posts job openings on daily basis, and sometimes even the application process is carried out on the same site.

This leads many job-seekers into the illusion that there are much lesser things to worry about when you apply for a job online. This couldn’t be farther from the truth as there is an equal number of things you need to ensure when applying for a posting online as you will do offline. According to Optima Tax Relief Review, even applying for a position like a call center representative should be done with proper etiquette and professionalism.

While many people learn the etiquettes of applying for a real-life job through experience and training, it’s the online factors of applying for a job that most job-seekers are unaware of. It’s essential that you acknowledge these factors and know the mistakes you should avoid to apply for a job online successfully, and in this article, we’ll help you do exactly that.

Having inaccurate discrepancies between your CV and resume

It’s essential to have an accurate CV that not only matches the work’s description and requirements but your own resume and cover letter. Many rookie job-seekers exaggerate on their resume, but when interviewers compare it with your CV, they find a considerable difference in it. This primarily occurs a lot when applying for online posts where people think it might be okay to do so because it would improve the chances of getting hired when in reality, it actually backfires.

Always check your CV, resume, and cover letter thoroughly and ensure there isn’t anything mismatched. Also, don’t use the same resume for every job. Make it unique for each posting you apply for, especially when you are applying online. It leaves a wrong impression when your employer gets to know that you are so lazy that you can’t even write custom resumes for the positions you apply for.

Keeping an improper social media presence

Most people who apply for their jobs online don’t realize that the chances of their social media being checked by their interviewers are much likelier than an offline hiring process. Interviewers will often visit the candidate’s social media pages, see how they react with everyone and how their behavior is, and based on that, decide whether the candidate is worthy of working in the company.

Your social media can significantly impact your recruitment chances depending on how well you present yourself on social media. For example, suppose the interviewer checks your Instagram (which is set on public) and sees that you are an individual who always parties outside, posts obscene pictures, and has very controversial opinions. In that case, your interviewer will have no qualms about outright rejecting your application.

Improper maintenance of your social media can give the wrong picture that your behavior is unprofessional or inappropriate. That’s why you should ensure that your personal social media pages like Instagram are always set to private and the visibility of your Facebook posts be set to ‘Friends only.’ Alternatively, you can positively use your social media by creating posts on your interests, passion, and skills, which can impress your interviewer.

Making no usage of all available online resources when job-hunting

The Internet is an enormous place, and it only makes sense that you should utilize it as much as possible to improve the chances of your application getting accepted. Firstly, researching the company you are applying for helps you understand the company’s goals and motives. It gives you a perspective of how things work in that company. You can implement that perspective in your application when you are applying to let your interviewer know you do your research before doing anything and that you are very serious about getting this post.

There are also various blogs and websites that are more than glad to help you write your first resume, draft your CV or cover letter, or tell you how you should interact with your interviewers. These resources strengthen your application’s chances of getting accepted into the company. Additionally, there are also various tools that you can use to your advantage, like Grammarly, which can proofread and check the grammar as well as the tone of your resume and tell you if it’s appropriate or not.

Lacking proper conduct and planning during your online interview

Your job search doesn’t end when your application gets accepted by the company. There is still a step that needs to be done before getting your job – a virtual interview with your interviewers. In fact, this is the most crucial step out of all because small mistakes here can leave an adverse impression on your interviewer and make them choose someone else over you.

Always remember, first impressions matter a lot. When your interviewer informs you about an online interview, and you are not available or busy that day, let them know. When you do get to the interview, dress appropriately before attending it. Even if you are attending it from your home doesn’t imply it’s wise to participate in it in your daily wear. Wear a formal shirt, at the very least, and tidy yourself up properly. Ensure that your microphone and camera are working beforehand.

The last thing you want is your interviewer not seeing or hearing you just because you forgot to check a few things. This only wastes the interviewer’s time, and they may reject you for it. Similarly, your Internet should also be working correctly during the interview, and there should be no background noise coming from your side.


There are several mistakes new job-seekers make that can cost them from getting a potential job. We hope this article helped you avoid these mistakes, and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us immensely.

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