9 Important Tips for Safe Driving on Highways – 2021 Guide


The invention of vehicles has brought a revolution in human history. It has made traveling easier than ever, reduced the time and efforts of traveling. But at the same time, the use of vehicles in the wrong way leads to many car accidents and loss of life and money. In order to take advantage of this invention, drivers must impose some safety measures to reduce the risk of traveling especially on busy roads and advantages. Some safety measures are as follow;

1. Check your vehicle before driving:


You must ensure that the vehicle is in its best condition before you start driving the car. You must check the brakes, the tires, and the headlights of your vehicle to make sure that there is no defect. It reduces the chances of accidents to a great extent. Let`s consider that the brakes of your cars fail while you are on a busy road and you are helpless in this condition. So, it is better to figure out your vehicle before driving. There is a great chance that you may figure out the defect, if any, in your vehicle if you examine it.

2. Follow the traffic signals:

You must follow the traffic signals that are on the highways to prevent any accidents or crashes. Some drivers speed up their vehicles as they view the yellow (amber) lights to pass through it quickly that may result in a severe crash or it may cause one to lose control. You must be patient and should also stop as you see that the lights have turned yellow. One must not hurry to pass through the line as the traffic light turns yellow. You must stop on red even if you see no person crossing the road. Otherwise, you may put yourself in danger and you would be fined as well.

3. Do not use a mobile phone while driving:


You must not use your mobile phone during driving as it may divert your attention from the road and you may have to suffer a loss. Sometimes, when the roads are not very populated some drivers think of making a phone call, writing a small piece of text, or picking up a phone call. Although these steps are simple and do not take much time they can cause severe accidents as any car may show up in front of you from any angle.

4. Do not exceed speed limit:

You must follow the speed limit rules not only on busy roads but also on empty roads where there are no cameras and policemen are present. Even if you are a winner of a car race competition even still you must follow the same rules. You must not be over-confident and exceed the speed limits for two reasons. First, the road is not specified just for you like the car tracks during competition. It means that any car can come and crash from any angle. Second, although you are an expert driver and an award-winner car racer, the other drivers on the car are not necessarily the expert racer too. Exceeding speed limits can disturb other members.

5. Use backup/reverse camera:


To catch the scenes from your rear, you should use a backup/reverse camera instead of moving your neck. According to, the backup camera helps the driver to focus on the front view and the rear view at the same time with the same attention. On the other hand, if the driver moves the neck, he/she may lose attention from the front view that may cause severe accidents. The use of a back camera helps to increase the attention and protects from major hazards.

6. Use your seat belt:

You must wear your seat belt while driving. It helps the driver to tackle the situation if any occurs. If any high-speed car crashes into your car from the back, the seat belt stops your body from moving forward which may result in fewer injuries. If you are not wearing the seat belt, then you may move forward with a greater speed and may fall on the steering wheel or front car window. You may be badly injured if you do not wear a seat belt. This may also cause damage to your car as its panes may break.

7. Be careful around large vehicles:


You must be careful around large vehicles especially around trucks. These vehicles cannot see a limited area around them due to their raised seats. The area that the drivers of such vehicles cannot view is called No-zone. You must keep a distance from these vehicles in order to be protected from such hazards. On many roads, there is generally a special road for such trucks but if you are traveling on a road where you are having an interaction with such vehicles then you must be very careful while driving especially if such vehicles are loaded.

8. Don’t drive if you are drunk or if you are sleepy

You must not drive if you are drunk as you may not be able to concentrate on the surroundings. If you are drunk, then you must wait until you feel that you are in your senses. If you are feeling dizzy or sleepy, then you must take a rest for some time before driving. Don`t take risks of driving in such conditions. You might have thought that you have to cover a small distance or you are not much sleepy. Don`t let these thoughts put you in a hazard. If you are in a hurry, take public transport instead.

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9. Drive at a distance:


You must keep a distance from other vehicles while traveling. This may help you to drive smoothly and also helps you to easily tackle up a situation. Let`s suppose that the car driving in front of you stops instantly. If you are driving at some distance, then you will get enough time to take a U-turn or stop. If you are driving too close, then you may crash if the car stops suddenly. You must maintain a two or three seconds distance.