Rick and Morty are back with 70 new episodes! – Expectations, release date and everything you need to know


The great TV show “Rick and Morty” is back! In May 2018 creators of this popular science fiction cartoon for adults announced new episodes of the show, and not just one season – additional 70 new episodes are coming. The number of Seasons is still not specified, but who cares about that.

Rick and Morty Season 4 Release date

Writers of the new episodes started to work on the Season 4 in Jun 2018. Following, it was announced that the actors started to record voices during summer. It is not a surprise that creators of the “Rick and Morty” already left their fans to wait some time among two seasons, so don’t expect this year any updates. It is more realistic that the new season would start showing on TV in 2019.

What can we expect in the new episodes?


Creators of the show, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, announced on 10th of May this year that “Rick and Morty” will be back on the TV screen very soon. The fans are waiting for new episodes since October 2017, and they have high expectations from Season 4 for sure. On 6th of November 2018, Douglas Einar Olsen (show’s storyboard artist) posted on Tweeter a picture of Evil Morty holding a sign “f*****g vote”. His post was an obvious call for action considering that on the following day midterm elections were happening in the U.S. At the same time, the picture caused gossips among the fans that in Season 4 there might be a return of the Evil Morty and the Citadel.

Production of the “Rick and Morty”

Science fiction American sitcom “Rick and Morty” follows the adventures of crazy scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson, a goodhearted Morty Smith. The show is created for adults even though the story is crossing dimensions and realities. Dan Harmon, co-creator of the “Rick and Morty”, posted a video on Instagram in September 2018, showing the team working on new drawings. They started to work on the new season in June 2018, and it will take several months for production to finish the first episodes. The fans can expect new “Rick and Morty” in 2019.

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