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Rhetoric Remain a Potent Political Weapon?

Anti-immigrant rhetoric paved the way for the victory of Trump as President of the United States. From the moment he went out to announce his candidacy for the presidency, he enveloped all cable news channels because of his hatred against Mexicans.

The same thing happened earlier in the UK when Brexit won despite polls suggesting otherwise. The anti-immigration rhetoric fanned by Brexit leaders made people decide to vote to leave even if there are overwhelming reasons to stay.

However, in both instances, it has been clear that voting for leaders and policies based on immigration alone are not going to work. When Trump won, he barely had any policy that uplifted the lives of those whom he promised to deliver change to. Until now, there is no clear path towards Brexit.

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People made impulsive decisions because of the anti-immigration sentiments they heard even if there are other issues they care about.

The good thing though is that things are starting to turn around. In 2018, the Democrats took control of Congress for the first time in a long time despite the anti-immigration fear that Trump stoked. In France, anti-immigration rhetoric was not enough for Le Pen to win over Macron. It does not mean that this rhetoric is over, but it is not as potent a political weapon as it used to be.

It is not enough to focus on immigration alone

There are various concerns in a country and to make decisions based on immigration policies alone is not enough. Politicians need to focus on kitchen table issues that everyone feels concerned about. Even if right-wing leaders keep fanning the flame of hatred towards immigrants, it will not be enough in the end. When people have nothing to eat because they got fired from their job, they will not think of immigration policies first. When seniors do not receive adequate healthcare, they will also not worry about immigrants working in various jobs available in a country. Therefore, using immigrants as a political tool will only work to a certain extent.

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Immigrants proved their worth

Another reason why anti-immigration rhetoric will not prevail is that immigrants continue to show that they are capable of integrating into society. People realize that they extend help to the country especially in enhancing the economy. When immigrants are not around to work specific jobs, some services people enjoy will not be available anymore. Therefore, branding all immigrants as criminals and stealing jobs will not work.

Do not be afraid

Given these reasons, you cannot allow yourself to feel discouraged by the loud voices against immigrants. You are not doing anything wrong. As long as you go through legal channels and you receive a visa to stay within a country, you have nothing to fear.

If you still feel confused about the process and you do not know where to begin, you can ask for help. You will then receive information on how to process your visa and secure its approval.