Putin’s And Trump’s Presidential Airplanes – Gold, White Leather And Gyms

Both Trump and Putin are running world superpowers, and due to that fact, they need state of the art security both on the ground and in the air. This time around we will take a look at their presidential airplanes and what they offer in terms of luxury and which one is more expensive.

Both presidents have impressive flying fortresses and they used those to travel to Helsinki for a summit of two nations. It is clear that when adapting these two machines, they went all out, giving it highest security and comfort level. As both leaders used presidential rides and flew to Finland, this was a good moment for media to begin the analysis about which one is better.

Putin’s Plane

This flying fortress is based on IL-96-300PU, and its estimated price is at about $500 million. It contains the best available tech, and it can easily become command center in case of any unsuspected attack on Russia.

Both wingspan and length of this impressive machine are 65 meters, and it can carry a total of 270 tons. You can easily mistake this airplane with a standard passenger one, but it is slightly bigger. If you take a peek inside you will immediately notice that it offers the comfort of a luxury hotel.

Interior offers light color with lots of white leather in combination with gold accents. What is even more impressive is the fact that there is a total of four identical planes in Putin’s fleet. One that he will use is chosen right before the trip while others might follow him. As you can imagine, only a small number of people knows which airplane will be accommodated Mr. Putin.

Trump’s Plane

We are sure that you have heard about Air Force One, at least from movies and similar. It is also highly likely that you do know that it offers all the latest tech and comfort features.

Heavily modified Boeing 747-200s is in service since 1987. and it has been used by many presidents. Boeing is also the company of choice when it comes to transport of the leader for more than a half century.

Trump has about 372 square meters or slightly above 4,000 square foot at his disposal, and this one, just like Putin’s ride, has all the equipment needed for it to quickly become the command center in case anything happens. There are two kitchens, a gym, and shower so the president can continue pretty much his job from anywhere in the air. Total of 87 telephones with video connection for all conference calls is all you might need while on board Air Force One. On top of that, this flying fortress can be fueled while in the air allowing it to fly continuously for many hours and days if needed.

As you can see both of these machines are incredible, but when it comes to price, the US has the edge here. It is estimated that Putin’s presidential airplane costs about $500 million while Trump’s is bigger and is speculated that its value is approximately $1 billion.


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