Productive Activities When Been Idle for Long

Work from home, online studies and playing mobile or video dames during quarantine or lockdown are the only things we know, but one day you will just realize need to be more productive and find a way to work your whole body active. Boredom and being tired are the causes that stresses us out so why don’t we “Do and Create” something new during quarantine that you never experienced before.

Firstly, why don’t we open up to ourselves and discover yourself more and learn more skills alone and always remember you are the person who knows yourself best. A hope these ideas really help you find yourself and help other people to become more productive when they are alone during quarantine. The first idea is coming right up.

1. Learn Cooking

When you are alone in your house why don’t you try to enhance your cooking skills instead of ordering food online. Literally just go to your fridge gets some fresh ingredients and savory flavorful condiments and start heating the pan then try to cook the food you’re craving at and maybe you find yourself very good enough at cooking. Also you may find out that after this quarantine you can work at a famous diner in town or just invest some money and run your own diner business.

2. Start Academic Activities

You can utilize your months of idle time by enrolling yourself into a funded scholarship academic program online. There are tons of universities, colleges, and schools offering courses, certificates, and even degree programs on scholarships which you can check out here:

If you don’t find yourself at cooking maybe you can find yourself in making stories. It’s like bring an author of your stories and I highly recommend writing stories because I am also a story writer. It just happened when I was a grade 6 schooler when I tried to write a story and I recommend my stories to my friend and the class. They really liked those and wanted me to write more. I was more than happy to oblige and I continued making a lot of different stories so they can choose a genre they wanted starting from Romance to Comedy. And if you find yourself at making stories maybe you can upload it to Wattpad and other book or stories site and apps and if it’s any good. It is also a way for you to earn money and sell those to hundreds or thousands people becoming quite famous.

3. Workout

If you really don’t find yourself in being an author and cook maybe it’s time for you to challenge yourself physically. This idea is highly recommended to those people who are conscious to their body and shape, why don’t you do a non-equipment exercise as it also helps full body shape development. This also helps you to keep your body actively working  for the day and it’s not just lying in your couch or sofa watching T.V. or having a nap. Its laying in your own mat and start working out without equipment and also help you to maintain your body shape and helps you to gain your desired body shape inside of a week and months. As a result you will be healthier, and with every passing day working out will be easier and easier for you.

4. Entertainment Activities

This next idea is one of the brilliant ideas I have and I will recommend it to the anyone who is really good at entertaining crowd. Why don’t you start recording and start entertaining those people who are also bored in the house and create a fun vlog for them to watch. Start shooting about something trending and upload it to YouTube and start monetizing your videos to have a sponsor ad to earn extra money. If you find yourself really good you can be a YouTube Blogger and known as a famous person.

5. Take Pictures and Sell Things

The next one is for those people who have a bunch of things in the house and that they don’t use anymore. They can take a picture of it and post it on Lazada, Shopee and many other online shops or stores and sell it to earn extra cash income while your salary is still on process.

6. Start Painting Art

The next one is art painting. This one is one of the hardest things to do, why don’t you grab some art materials and work your artistic side. You could produce something really good in the eye of beholder and you could totally nailed it. Things like this could bring you a fortune, maybe even hundreds and thousand dollars.

7. House Digging Treasure Activity

The next idea is the house digging or the “House Treasure Hunting”. Why don’t you try to look in every single corner of the house maybe every little thing you found has a unmeasurable value. This  is an opportunity for you to find something interesting in the household that may be valuable or really an ancient so you could sell it for a large amount of money or just simply decorate your home with it. It is up to you level up your lifestyle or to make your house more attractive.

8. Start Gardening

And last but not the least is gardening. This may be too common for you but there is a belief in many cultures that “Preserving Nature is Preserving Everybody’s Life”. In common sense, everything we need is in nature and why don’t we plant some plants and gather some fresh picks and gain more nutrients and make you more immune to the viruses around. This idea will also help the healing of the world and start to reduce pollution in the world.

In those ideas we mentioned, there is one more important thing to do during quarantine. It is making someone happy by means of helping other people who suffers due to the spreading of the corona virus pandemic. There are many small and simple ways of helping and you can make people happy. This will also soften your heart and it feels great to see someone happy by helping them and making them feel to loved.