How can you decide which People Counting Solution is right for your Business

People counter is a vital device of business management, as it helps retailers determine the number of potential customers in their store. Having a people counter installed helps track the habits of their customers and serves as a valuable tool for retailers.

One of the biggest assets of having a people counter is that it can help determine when a store’s peak hours are, which can help retailers determine the most profitable times for their businesses. This benefit can also help them improve their staff scheduling and measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

A number of factors go into making the right choice when it comes to choosing the people counting system for retail. These include the size of the store, the ease of installation, and the privacy concerns that come with it.

People Counting Solution Types

There are many types of people counting technology on the market that can be used for monitoring various aspects of a situation. Most retail people counter systems include temperature sensors, camera sensors, and WiFi sensors. Each of these has its own limitations. With machine learning algorithms, thermal sensors have the highest accuracy rates. These people counting sensors can be installed quickly and at low prices.


By recording a video feed of a specific location, retailers can collect valuable data on foot traffic. Usually, cameras are installed on walls or ceiling, making the installation time and effort consuming.

Cameras need frequent calibration for getting the most accurate data. They also require proper lighting for optimal performance.


When the beams between the emitter and receiver are broken, the sensors can detect movement using their built-in tracking features. Breakbeam sensors are designed to work when they are accurately calibrated. However, they need a distance between their emitter and receiver to work properly, making them not suitable for all types of entrances.


By monitoring the number of pings from mobile phones, retailers can get a better understanding of foot traffic. However, this method is very risky for businesses as it can expose sensitive consumer data without consent. Also, customers who do not activate their WiFi connection are not counted, this may result in incorrect tracks.

Bluetooth Beacons

By using Bluetooth beacons, a store can create a unique identifier that’s sent to a nearby smartphone. However, this method only works if customers’ devices have Bluetooth turned on.

Thermal Sensors

Through sensors, thermal people counters capture thermal imagings. Thermal sensors are non-invasive and do not collect any personal information. They can be installed quickly and easily.

How Do You Know Which People Counting System is Right for Your Store?

If you’re a retailer that relies on employee data to measure foot traffic, then you may want to consider implementing a people counting system. Before you decide on the type of people counting system that will work for your store, it is important to consider various aspects. In order to properly implement people counters, you should first identify the aspects involved. Then ask yourself the right questions when choosing the right solution.

The key questions you should ask:

  • Can I easily view and compare the data collected daily, weekly and monthly?
  • Can the data be collected in a way that’s convenient for me?
  • How can I easily view and compare the metrics of different store locations from one interface?
  • How long would it take to install a sensor?
  • Can a store employee install the sensor?
  • Are additional tools needed for the installation?
  • What is the cost of accessing the data?
  • Is it a one-time fee or a subscription-based model?
  • Will the sensors require regular maintenance or calibration?
  • Do I have direct control over the data I am accessing?
  • Is the data secure or will it be shared with third parties?
  • Can sales data be easily integrated into a people counting platform?
  • Does the solution track both foot traffic and other data?
  • Can it also be used in other locations of the store?
  • Can the people counting solution work seamlessly with other third-party software such as e-commerce platforms?

You should also keep in mind that a store’s people counting is influenced by many factors. Some of these include the type of business that you operate, seasonal changes, and your marketing strategy. Aside from them, factors such as store’s location and area density are also important.

Benefits of People Counting Systems for Retailers

Each retail people counter system has its own advantages and limitations. Here are the most vital benefits of using people counter for your retail:

Know Conversion Rates: Only 9% of retailers know the average conversion rate of their stores. This statistic is very important to measure and improve the performance of your store.

Realize External Factors: Having a solid people counter can help you identify the external factors that are affecting your business. It can help you plan and implement strategies to improve your operations.

Expand: Having a good understanding of foot traffic can help you evaluate the potential profitability of expanding into other locations.

Improve Marketing: 47% of retailers are left with a marketing budget that is not being spent effectively. The best way to improve your marketing effectiveness is to track your foot traffic.

Identify Customers: By understanding the behavior of your customers, you can improve your sales and improve the efficiency of your operations. You can integrate your people counter with your POS system to collect data on conversions. This will also allow you to measure and improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Schedule Your Staff: Most retailers understaff or overstaff their stores 86% of the time. This means that they don’t know the exact numbers of customers coming into their stores and that they rely on foot traffic data to determine their staff scheduling.

Choose A Suitable People Counter For Your Business


Dor People Counters are equipped with a combination of thermal and machine learning technologies that enables them to identify and monitor people. Through its data visualization and analytical solution, it helps hundreds of brands understand the data behind their foot traffic and exceed their expectations. Because having the right foot traffic data is key to making a successful retail business.