10 Effective Outdoor Advertising Solutions For Your Business

Today’s advertising is easier than ever. You have plenty of online tools to promote your product or service and reach a huge audience. But, what with those who don’t use the Internet and social media that often? Every good advertising strategy should include a few different solutions, that can be used for outdoor advertising. And yes, we think about the banners and billboards that are installed on the streets or over the buildings around. They are a part of the traditional marketing approach, which is still effective because a lot of people will anyway see it and remember it.

It may seem easy to assemble a design, but we all know it’s not that simple, so we need a graphic designer to do that for us. So, what are the most effective solutions to have the outdoor advertising right on point?

Here are a few of them:

1. Exceptional design

Simple designs are the most effective ones. Even when you sell your house and you want to put a sign in the yard, as you can order from, it should be nice, clear, understandable, and straight to the point. Using a lot of details can make things overwhelming, so people will turn their heads away as they pass by the ad. So, hiring a graphic designer will save you a lot of nerves, because they know how to incorporate the simple details in an exceptional design that will be attractive for potential clients.

2. Short and understandable messages

Every billboard or banner shares some message to the customers. It should be short, clear, and understandable, so they can realize what do you offer, and find the information on how to buy it. So, play these things smartly, because you don’t want to put a lot of text to the ad. People don’t want to read books. They want to get the message immediately. You can still leave the contact information or your website, so they can visit it, and get informed about what you sell and how to buy your product.

3. Visibility

The outdoor ads are big enough to be seen from everywhere. But, you must plan the positions too. There is no purpose for your ad if it’s not visible. The marketing team should strategically plan this thing, so they can find the best positions in the city, and reserve them for the campaign. The point is to make it as much visible as possible, so it can give the wanted result.

4. Including the contact information

Contact information is crucial. Ask the designer to put the phone number, contact email, or even the social media profiles on the design. Surely, people can’t really access it by clicking on the link, because it’s printable design at the end, but they can get informed about every contact aspect. One of the best ideas is to put a QR code, so the people who pass by can simply scan it and access your website.

5. Relevance of the content

The content, images, text, and designs should be relevant to the audience. You must get straight to the point, so even if they don’t read the text at first, to know what they are looking at. That means, if you sell electronic parts, you need to put some images or stylish typography that reminds you of them. Relevant content brings you one step closer to the potential customers who will be interested in what you have to offer.

6. High-resolution images

It’s not just to put some png images on your design and expect some miracle to happen. At this point, it’s always better to buy a high-res design, instead of vectors you can find on Google. Remember, outdoor ads are usually printable, and they should look nice and clear when put on a billboard.

7. Clear and readable typography

The typography is also important just like the high-resolution images. It should be readable, so the audience doesn’t have to struggle and use advanced skills of recognizing the letters to read what you have to tell. So, they have to be nice and clear and share a direct message to the potential customer.

8. Attractive color scheme

Colors are also crucial for the design. They should be compatible, but still nice and attractive. You can get inspired from pre-ready color schemes, or you can create one by yourself. No matter what you choose, they all should look nice and compatible.

9. Consider mobile or digital advertising as an option too

Billboards and banners are a good choice, but can you imagine your video message shared on a big display in the center of the city? It’s more expensive than the traditional billboards and banners, but they are even more effective. Mobile outdoor advertising includes branding of corporate vehicles, or even public transport buses and trains. It’s one of the best ways to share your message with the clients and get their loyalty by your side.

10. Interactive ad installations

They are more suitable for big malls or bus stations. They provide touch screens and the potential client can customize their experience by choosing the parameters and get the right offer. Also, if you are on a budget this can be pretty expensive for your company. So, start with the traditional approaches, and hope they will work out, so you can consider digital and interactive advertising as an option for your next campaign.


No matter how the online tools are useful to place your ad and run it so it can reach potential customers, don’t underestimate the power of traditional advertising. Outdoor ads are just a small part of your campaign. As you plan it and check your budget, you can add TV ads, radio samples, brochures, newsletter emails, Viber messages, and any other approach you find effective to reach the audience.

Marketing strategy includes smart planning and talents for coming up with a nice design and attractive copy. Once you do all of that, we are sure you will be able to offer your product to the target audience.

Ricardo is a freelance writer specialized in politics. He is with from the beginning and helps it grow. Email: richardorland4[at]