Online Casino: What Jobs & Training Courses Are There?

The gambling industry has been booming for years. Especially in the online segment, the industry can record enormous growth, the positive development of which does not seem to ebb in the long term. Economic growth goes hand in hand with increasing financial strength and an enormous demand for resources, which in turn boosts the labor market in the industry. Accordingly, non GamStop casinos offer numerous jobs and further training in a wide variety of areas. Click here for more .

Just like in a land-based casino, online casinos not on GamStop with live features also need trained dealers and croupiers.

Online casinos have many interesting jobs that not only offer variety, but also opportunities for further training. In addition to dealers, customer advisors and IT staff, marketing specialists, account and compliance managers are also in demand. Basically, the variety of jobs in a digital casino includes a whole lot of different areas. They function like normal companies and must be well positioned in all areas.

Working As a Live Dealer at Non GamStop Casino


In the non GamStop casinos sector, the demand for dealers and croupiers is particularly high. Also, live dealer is certainly one of the most exciting jobs at an online casino and it comes with a fair amount of responsibility. Employees who hold this position do, among other things, shuffle cards or spin the roulette wheel while the camera is constantly trained on them. There is an opportunity to chat and interact with the players.

If you do your job well, you have good opportunities for further training and advancement. So, there are not only interesting bonuses to earn, but general salary increases are also possible. Most of the time, however, advancement opportunities come with more responsibility. For example, live dealers can progress from beginner’s tables, playing at smaller stakes, to high-roller tables, which deal with very large amounts of money.

Customer Care Agent

Reputable non GamStop casinos have competent customer support. Good and capable employees are needed for this. The customer support staff is responsible for the satisfaction of each casino’s player community. They are in direct contact with the players every day and help with questions or problems.

Customer support agents are typically the first port of call for people looking to pursue a professional career in the iGaming industry. Since customer support usually covers all facets of an online casino and comes into contact with all areas, employees get a good impression of the process, structure and structure. This is a good prerequisite for qualifying for higher tasks. There are basically no limits to the opportunities for further training.

Most casinos not on GamStop seek staff from specific countries in order to be able to offer support in multiple languages.

Affiliate Manager

Affiliate is an important term for corporations these days and at the same time denotes a very important business area. Accordingly, affiliate managers occupy a very important position. They manage the employer’s external partners who refer new players to the casino. The managers have to find traffic sources in order to generate more reach and reach more players. A well-crafted strategy will increase returns over the long term.

Affiliate managers need to have some commercial understanding and be extremely creative. Targeted campaigns must be used to get the maximum out of the partners. Those who do well will get a hefty bonus in addition to a salary peak of 50,000 euros per year. Usually there are commissions per affiliate and additional percentages of the income that affiliates earn.

Compliance Manager

The iGaming industry is constantly changing. Online gambling is currently undergoing a major change, as more and more countries allow gambling activities on the Internet under certain legal aspects. Each nation has its own rules of the game when it comes to non GamStop casinos and advertising.

A compliance manager must constantly keep an eye on these rules of the game and takes care of the partners of an online casino. Since these are sometimes based in different countries and advertise the respective online casino from different legal points of view, many different things have to be considered. A compliance manager always keeps an eye on the activities of the partners and takes care of any rule violations. Logically, the job comes with a lot of responsibility.

VIP Host


Every online casino has average players and big customers. The latter are referred to as “high rollers”. They spend larger sums of money in the casino and are therefore an important part of the financial returns. Because of its importance, high rollers are often given their own VIP hosts.

VIP hosts are responsible for a certain number of high depositors. You must ensure that the high rollers have a good time at the non GamStop casino. For example, individual bonuses or invitations to special events can be awarded. Player gifts, holidays or other things are also within the realms of possibility.

The more high-rollers of a VIP host play, the bigger the bonus from the employer. These can contain up to 50,000 euros per year.



Non GamStop casinos rely on a good IT infrastructure. After all, it is the heart and soul of a platform. For this reason, non GamStop casinos are always on the lookout for qualified IT staff – especially for developers. Anyone who holds this position in an online casino often enjoys a lavish salary and very good working conditions. Since most developer jobs are available in Malta and Gibraltar, the workplace is in sunny locations. Developers get free plane tickets, free housing, and an interesting salary structure. Particularly qualified developers can earn up to 100,000 euros per year.

More Jobs at Non GamStop Casinos

Non GamStop casinos are getting bigger and bigger. This also increases the demands on companies. In general, the industry is competitive as there is a lot of competition. For example, the external presentation of the online casino via social media is very important today in order to position itself on the market.

The most ambitious industry representatives will leave no stone unturned to stand out from the crowd. Ultimately, this also benefits the job market, which provides many different jobs in casinos not on GamStop. In addition, some jobs offer good further training and promotion opportunities. Larger online casinos and companies usually have the following vacancies:

  • UX Designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Translator
  • Accountant
  • Marketing staff
  • Controllers
  • Game tester
  • Fraud Specialists
  • Country manager