New Mounts in Shadowlands

Playing World of Warcraft is fun and interesting, but only when you are aware of the game’s peculiarities. It may be exceptionally exacting for a player to get the desired item fast, as he/she may get confused by the variety of available ones. Therefore, if you strive to succeed with the game process, you need to stay tuned, following all the released options or use the services of

First of all, it is indispensable to highlight that Shadowlands is an impressive expansion, which helps investigate the mysterious and fascinating world of the WoW game much better. It is obvious that some levels may be a complete no-brainer for some players, they may be a true challenge for others. Consequently, if you are new to the expansion, you should focus on the mounts that are not difficult to obtain, as even the simplest option can make a crucial difference.

With the release of the expansion, the number of mounts has changed a lot. Basically, irrespective of the diversity of available mounts, they are all divided into two types, including walking and flying. The first ones are related to sustainability, while the second ones are associated with the speed of movement. Anyway, it is hard, even impossible, to find a player who does not want the mount to be gained quickly and fast.

10 Most Demanded Mounts in Shadowlands Expansion

No matter if it is your first time testing the expansion, or you have taken advantage of it multiple times, you should have heard about new mounts here a lot. It takes less time to gain some of them, while the achievement of others will require much more effort. Nonetheless, all of them are specific and advantageous in a way.

Mist of Pandaria: Grand Expedition Yak


WoW players, who are searching for the universal mount that is a combination of a mount and a vendor, this option may be the top choice. However, it will take you some time and effort to achieve the desired level and obtain the option. Devoted players who are eager to get the item should proceed to the Kun-Lai Summit and discover the village of One Keg. Moreover, be ready to spend 120000 gold to purchase the mount from the local vendor, more known as Uncle Bigpocket.

Spinemaw Gladechewer

You may be confused to come across a huge bug, which appears from the Anderweald area. Irrespective of its appearance, it is your safety guarantee from the local elites. Consequently, having the option, you can be 100% safe and protected. At the same time, it is indispensable to mention that its achievement is quite exacting. You will have to reach the Mistveil Tangle and kill Gormtamer Tizo. The moment you succeed with the task, you reach the desired result.

Blanchy’s Reins

You may be impressed to acknowledge that the mount can be gained before level 45. In fact, the whole process will take around six days as the undead horse becomes available the moment you succeed with the challenge of taking care of it. Every single day you will have to please the horse with different stuff. Once you bring the final apple, you will receive the desired mount. Undeniably, the process is time-consuming, but the overall task is fairly easy.

Arboreal Gulper

Inexperienced players who are not ready to encounter furious enemies and fight powerful creatures should focus on the simpler and more accessible mounts. To get this one, you will not have to accomplish challenging tasks. Instead, you will need to emphasize your unquestioned speed and remarkable skills, as you will not have much time to find and kill the Humon’ gozz and get the mount.

Shimmermist Runner

Is this the simplest mount to get? Definitely, no! However, as mentioned by experienced players, it is the most exciting and intriguing one. Your initial task is not to overcome the enemy but rather find him. Excellent navigation skills are needed to succeed with the complicated labyrinth at Mistveil Tangle. If you opt for a wrong path, you lose a chance to get it.

Wildseed Cradle

Which mount is the easiest to get? Following the reviews and recommendations of some experienced players, this one is. You will not have to deal with significant problems or challenges to deal with this stage. Nevertheless, you will need to be focused on collecting different items that will give you the desired access to the hidden treasures, with the mount being one of them.

Swift Gloomhoof

It is available specifically for the players who have purchased Shadowlands expansion and selected the alliance with the Nigh Fae Covenant. The process of the mount achievement requires a lot of time, attention, and knowledge, as you will have to encounter the Lady of the Falls, dealing with the quests she gives. Then, you will need to accomplish another questline and prosper with ten other quests. No matter if you strive to achieve the mount or just want to relish the game, you will have to deal with an unlimited number of similar tasks after level 60. So, why don’t you use an opportunity and take advantage of it?

Wrath of the Lich King: Bronze Drake

Are you desperately searching for the best flying mount? It is the best option for you to consider, as it has a unique feature of a 100% drop rate. Additionally, it is indispensable to note that the mount is simplest to obtain. What will you have to do to get it? Head to The Culling of Stratholme and succeed with it within 15 minutes. Once you overcome the Infinite Corruptor, you will obtain the mount as loot for the victory.

Silky Shimmermoth

It is an exceptionally appreciated mount users can obtain in Ardenweald. The option can be purchased in the Shadowlands expansion, but it will take some effort to achieve the corresponding level necessary for the mount to become available. All the players striving to relish the advantages of Silky Shimmermoth should face numerous amphitheater battles.

Basically, you will have to encounter and overcome several elites that are randomly selected every single day. The moment you defeat seven elites and get 5,000 Amina, you are ready to proceed to the mount purchase.

Wandering Ancient

Finally, the last mount in the list is not the least important in the game, as it is available for free, which means even the newcomers can take advantage of it. How can an inexperienced player get the option? Just buy the expansion, and you will automatically receive the mount.