5 Ways to Wear Leopard Print Leggings

Leopard leggings are probably the most widely recognized animal print garments in the fashion world, loved and appreciated by women in different parts of the globe. When used and worn as a part of a well-designed outfit, they can be wildly stylish, elegantly off-beat, and perfectly gorgeous.

Anyway, their specific natural pattern raises many questions, “How to style leopard print leggings?” being among the fundamentals on the list. Below, we will give you five ideas on how to shop and wear spandex leopard print leggings like a pro: for everyday purposes, special occasions, sports, parties, and even the Halloween night of 2021.

Are you ready to run wild and use fashion to express yourself? Here is how to do it!

1. Styling Leopard Print Leggings for Everyday Wear

Your casual apparel can easily get a brand-new pinch of vividness, no matter if you choose traditional goldish-brown leopard prints or their more unconventional alternatives – purple, green, pink, or neon.

So, what else to put on in order to form the ultimate look?

  • Start with a dark-tone top to match the little black or brown parts of the leopard patterns. Your top can be bodycon, oversized, or just the size that suits your taste – you can’t go wrong as leggings allow for wearing virtually every top size and design.
  • Then, move on to the shoes and try to match them with the style and color of your top. As leopard leggings themselves are very colorful and unconventionally patterned, sticking to single-color tops and shoes is the best-case scenario. The most proper fits for elastic leggings are thick heel models, combat boots, and even flat sporty shoes.
  • Finally, accessorize wisely. You can get yourself an elastic bandana or a neck gaiter based on the print of your leggings or search for a fitting set of jewelry to befit your overall concept.

You are now ready to go out and make heads turn at every step of your way!

2. The Leopard Sports & Gym Attire Style

As you may already know by now, leggings are excellent for sports, gym sessions, running, or stretching. Such as www.devilwalking.com will give you the freedom to express yourself while on the run, and leopard prints will provide you with the untamed look you’ve been searching for.

When styling them for your planned gym visit, what you’ll need is simple:

  • A supportive gym bra or other sports top that harmonizes with either the primary colors or the primary patterns with your leopard print leggings.
  • A pair of comfy sports shoes that blends with the tones of your top. Anyway, when doing sports, comfort and safety are above all. It is, therefore, preferable to risk a style police visit than your well-being, so stick to your most quality gym shoes without bothering too much about your looks.

Keep in mind that gym leggings shall be the perfect size to allow for free movements of the body, as well as guarantee a soft, snug feel. So when you shop, stick to high-waisted leggings, along with models with a good tummy control effect and a squat-proof design.

3. Having a Stylish Official Look With Leopard Print Leggings? Mission Possible!

Let us say it as it is: leopard print leggings are probably not the first garment you have in mind when preparing your outfit for a special occasion. But what if that approach happens to be entirely wrong?

To make your friction-fit animal prints look classy and polished, you will need:

  • An elegant and aerial chiffon shirt with no extra detailing;
  • A single-colored suit jacket with clear lines and a classic design;
  • A pair of high-heel shoes matching the color of your suit jacket;
  • Minimum accessorizing and no extra extravagance to your looks.

Finish what you’ve started with a cute women’s bag and shop for the right lipstick. What you’ll ultimately get is an unbeatable look that will make everyone’s jaw drop.

4. The Rave Way to Go With Leopard Leggings

Wearing a matching two-piece set with leopard printed leggings and a se*y crop top is what any raver would do without thinking twice about it. And no wonder – because your outfit will be brave, chic and extraordinary, while also providing the perfect freedom of movement needed for a rave party to be worth it.

Gladly, there are plenty of product sets with a pre-designed concept that you can just search for, shop, and wear the next minute without any extra effort. What you can expect as a round-out to your leopard print leggings include:

  • A se*y boob tube with a strapless design;
  • A cutout crop top with or without sleeves;
  • A bra top, based on the latest rave trends;
  • An elastic choker with a matching print;
  • A face mask for extra safety in a pandemic situation;
  • And multiple animal print party accessories, including thumbhole sleeves, hair scrunchies, etc.

All you need to do is pick the most comfortable pair of party shoes and go paint the town red!

5. Leggings, Leopards & The Roaring Halloween

Animal costumes are traditionally a popular motif you’ll see around the streets at Halloween, worn by both adults and children. And yes – leopards, tigers, lions, and other wild cats are among the favorites for a print in that category in 2021.

As for the ways to style leggings with a leopard pattern for Halloween night, you can go as bold and weird as you’d want to! Here, showing off your personal understanding of being badass and savage is totally allowed, and there are no ways to go wrong.

You can stick to a matching animal set or experiment with long cloaks, leather corsets, witch hats, and different jungle-themed print costume elements.

Whatever you decide to shop and put on top, do not forget the realistic Halloween makeup, a couple of artificial blood drops on your chin, and your untamed mood!

Because being wild has many forms and representations, and leggings with leopard prints can easily fit all of them in 2021!

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