9 Most Expensive TVs in the World in 2021

The criteria for choosing a TV have undergone major changes in recent years. There are many good budget models, but there is a category of people striving to have all the best.They are even ready to pay for TV as they are buying a car.

These are the 9 most expensive TVs in the world in 2021.

QLED Samsung QE98Q900RBU 98″

A stylish and larger screen TV from a South Korean brand that starts our list of the most expensive models in the world and excellent mid-range devices. Here, Samsung pleased QLED technology. Its essence is that tiny quantum dots re-emit more pure colors than conventional LED matrices do. In everyday life, all this means that the color reproduction will be accurate, the picture is bright and saturated, and the color gamut is very wide.

Dark areas are detailed by the HDR10 and HDR10 + functions, and 6 speakers with a total power of 60 W with a subwoofer, surround sound and automatic volume equalization are responsible for sound quality. There is a 360VR player and 360-camera support, artificial intelligence that simplifies the management and selection of content, as well as branded bonuses from Samsung, for example, Bixby.


This model attracts with an almost two-meter diagonal (77 inches), 4K resolution, support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision. The screen refresh rate is 100 Hz. Smart TV runs on webOS – a convenient system that is specifically designed to control your TV with comfort.

The sound power is high – there are 6 speakers of 10 watts each. The surround sound function is in place, as is the automatic volume equalization. The internal memory is limited to 8 GB, there is also a light sensor and a functional Magic Remote. With this TV you can immerse yourself in virtual reality – there is a 360VR function. The TV works in the “smart home” system and is adapted for work in hotels. And artificial intelligence accurately recognizes your voice requests and can even advise a film according to your taste. According to TVAerials, this model is what people often request when they purchase TVs and you can see what that is the case.

Samsung QE85Q900RAU

It has a number of interesting features. She belongs to the top line of TVs from Samsung and has inherited her best features. Q900RAU is presented in two options – 75 and 85 inches. There is the largest screen resolution – 7680×4320 pixels, i.e. 8K., With Direct LED backlight and VA matrix. The color depth is 10 bits and the refresh rate is 120 Hz. Thus, more than 33 million pixels will contribute to your dive.

This provides a realistic display of 3D space with increased clarity. The sensation of volume is enhanced by detailed geometry processing, thanks to the Quantum 8K processor. In addition, the Steam Link application is built into Samsung, which allows you to connect to the Steam gaming service without using a game console. The optimal distance for viewing a screen with a diagonal of 85 is considered to be at least 3.5 meters. Ambient function allows you to choose a picture on the screen so that in standby mode it becomes part of a wall or interior.

OLED Sony KD-77A1 76.7 “

OLED TV, which can be called one of the cheapest among the most expensive. Here, the resolution is 4K and the high refresh rate is 120 Hz. The built-in “Smart TV” works on Android, and in the reviews they write that it is perfectly optimized, pleased with its speed and stable operation without glitches.
The sound component is based on 5 speakers with a power of 10 watts each. The sound is deep, rich and the effect of presence. The TV can record video on a USB flash drive, work via Bluetooth, it has 16 GB of internal memory, and is equipped with a light sensor. The device weighs more than 45 kilograms, and despite this, you can still mount it on the wall.

Sony KD-98ZG9 97.5 “

Expensive TV with a large diagonal. It reaches 97.5 inches – this is almost two and a half meters. 8K resolution allows you to watch your favorite TV shows, news and movies with great comfort. The screen refresh rate is 100 Hz, which means that even in the fastest scenes you will not see blurry movements in the frame – the clarity is high. Built-in Smart TV is based on Android. It pleases with wide functionality and convenient controls.

The reviews admire the quality of the picture. Due to the rich color rendering, wide dynamic range, HDR10 support and a viewing angle of 178 degrees, the image on such a large screen looks amazing. The speaker system consists of as many as 16 speakers, so this model can compete with a movie theater in terms of sound level.

Sharp PN-R903

This model is a professional display with a screen of 90 inches, high brightness 700cd and provides the highest image quality. R903 has one of the most advanced image display technologies and is able to “scroll” the image up to 90 degrees and use the device as a display for presentations and advertising. Increased reliability allows you to operate both at home and on the street or in stores. Like all professional Sharp monitors, the PN-R903 provides the ability to continuously work around the clock in 24×7 mode.

LG 105UC9V

Source:LG 105UC9V

Very cool looks South Korean TV LG 105UC9V with a curved panel at the price of a good car. Its diagonal is 105 inches, which in combination with high resolution (5120×2160) and frequency (200 Hz) gives a very realistic picture. This full-featured device has a built-in tuner for receiving a digital signal. One of the main advantages of the model is the availability of 3D. In combination with powerful sound (150 W and 9 speakers), the TV can easily turn into a home theater. The manufacturer equipped this expensive product with a full range of options, among which are child protection, voice and gesture control, and Wi-Fi support. Manages all the operating system WebOS. With this set of functions, the TV has a solid weight reaching 155 kg.

Sony KD-85ZG9 84.6 “

The manufacturer justifies this price by the presence of a full-sized LED backlight with local dimming. There is no curved screen or 3D support, but the TV pleases with an improved speaker system (8 speakers of 10 watts each), an expanded dynamic range due to HDR10 and Dolby Vision, as well as HLG.

The TV has two tuners, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi, which supports the 5 GHz band, Google Cast for broadcasting content from a smartphone or tablet. The TV weighs more than 70 kilograms, but is designed to hang on the wall. But it’s definitely not a weight you can handle on your own, so leave the mounting of this giant to professionals, like This is the most expensive TV with 8K, which easily competes with Samsung and has a colorful high-quality picture.



Today it is one of the most expensive TVs in the world. The high price of the Sony KD-100ZD9 is due to several reasons. Despite the relatively modest screen size (99.5 inches or 253 cm diagonal), the model has a decent 4K resolution (3840×2160) and a spectacular design. The cost is affected by an ultra-thin UHD panel and a good frequency index (100 Hz). An innovative solution is the technology for converting 2D images to 3D format.

A powerful stereo sound system is capable of adding positive emotions from watching TV. This expensive product will allow connoisseurs of high-quality video content to get real pleasure from watching satellite channels

If you have enough money, buy one of these TVs and you will never have to go to the cinema again.

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