The Magic of Tropical Wallpapers


Tropical wallpapers are on the rise, and the best banana leaf wallpapers are among them.

Endless white sandy beaches, azure sea, blue sky, palm trees right on the shore, and majestic banana leaves – wallpapers with tropical themes have captivated interior designers’ attention for a long time already. Consequently, many of them declare their unearthly love for tropical flora, wild thickets, exotic animals, and lush flowers by creating the corresponding tropical wallpapers. Therefore, today with the help of the most fashionable wallpapers, you can make paradise in your own home!  Check out tips and tricks for tropical wallpapers here:

Indeed, everyone dreams of being on a tropical paradise island lost in the ocean, on a wide beach, or even in the jungle among spectacular tropical plants, where you can relax, forget about the daily hustle and get absolute pleasure from the rest. Still, it is hardly possible to live permanently in a tropical paradise – but you can instead create it at home with the help of the most interesting interior solutions.

Tropics – a fashionable trend in the interior

Tropical themes have swiftly entered interior design, becoming a real trend. What is the reason for such phenomenal popularity? Is it simply beautiful, or is the theme entirely consistent with the current fashion for sustainability? Or maybe the fact is that in the context of a pandemic and limited possible travel, there is an irresistible desire to feel the freshness of the wild thickets of tropical foliage and create exotic at home? That’s a rhetorical question, after all.

Options and types of tropical wallpapers

One of the current methods of designing in a tropical style is decorating walls with realistic wallpaper. Especially in demand are large tropical plants, lush palm trees, bright flowers, and banana leaf wallpaper. Green and yellowish shades saturate the space with energy and refresh it. Yet, they create a calm, peaceful atmosphere at the same time.

Botanical prints

You can buy wallpapers depicting palm leaves, canvases with chic monstera leaves, scarce and unknown plants, and exotic bright colors. Particularly in demand are wallpapers with palm leaves, bamboos, and other tropical plants, depicted in close-ups, sometimes even in big close-ups.

Among the main fashion trends in the use of foliage patterns in wall decor, the following can be distinguished:

  • Date palm leaves with the image of long dissected leaves – a favorite print of the Art Deco style. They can be used as both the primary and additional ornament;
  • Huge tropical leaves in bright green or muted hues, which are more often found in combinations of monstera leaves with other vines or palms;
  • Banana thickets, where huge leaves of banana palms are intertwined in oblong bends.

Wallpapers with foliage are saturated with green and yellowish hues, look very impressive, soak the room’s space with energy and wonderfully refresh it.

Stylistic variants of palm leaves

In addition to photographic fidelity on canvases of tropical foliage with natural colors and shadows, trendy collections contain vector drawings, which are presented in the form of repeating clear images symmetrically located across the entire width of the canvas. You can also buy tropical leaves wallpaper drawings that imitate watercolor art. Such canvases look very unusual and original, creating a fabulous unique flavor.

Contour drawings have also become fashionable and are often made in the form of black and gray-dark lines on a light background. According to experts, such canvases are able to tactfully complement the classic design options, emphasizing their nobility and respectability.

Palm trees and other leaves in different interior styles

When we talk about specific styles of interiors, then at first glance, it may seem that you can buy tropical style wallpaper only for eco-designs. However, this design has steadily increased in demand over the past few seasons, mainly when decorating interiors in spacious country houses and new and open-plan apartments.

But that is not entirely true – the use of tropical wallpaper in the interior is not limited to eco-style only. For example, cutting-edge designer wallpapers with branches of palm trees or other tropical plants are popular when decorating interiors in colonial or African styles. In addition, experts advise using such canvases in modern interiors as well, especially if some rigor and coldness distinguish them.

For example, you can buy wallpaper with palm trees to create an accent wall in a minimalist interior. In that case, bright and juicy green foliage will add life and pleasant emotions to the interior. So we can say that wallpaper with tropical leaves is not a sign of any particular style by itself. And that is why they can be used in literally any interior – from classic to modern.

Wallpapers with birds and animals

It is impossible to imagine a fabulous tropical island with lush vegetation without exotic birds and animals. In fashion collections, you can find paintings that depict plants in combination with birds and animals. Designers and wallpaper artists often depict parrots, toucans, peacocks, hummingbirds, and fabulous birds on their canvases. From animals, there are lemurs, capuchins, and monkeys. Such canvases seem to enliven the interior, make it active and joyful, and improve mood. They look equally right in the living room, hallway, and dining room.

A Panel

Using exotic photo wallpapers, you can cover a whole tropical style wall. Then with the use of panels, designers focus on a particular area. There are also many options for an interior design using panels on tropical themes. The use of panels in small spaces is especially relevant since tropical wallpapers with a catchy print, such as substantial green leaves, will not look harmonious in a small room.

Therefore, designers use a simple trick – if you paste tropical wallpaper on one wall or part of it, then the rest of the walls you need to decorate in light and neutral shades. Thus, the visually catchy print is smoothed out and perfectly fits the interior. In these cases, the perfect solution is to use a panel. You can hang a simple poster of a tropical plant leaf on the wall, giving the interior a fresh and trendy style.