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Lost Gold of World War II Reveals New Secrets


Lost Gold of World War II, the new quest series on History channel, can be your newest addiction if you are a true World War II fan. If you are interested in revealing history mysteries from World War II you must watch this series on History Channel. In this series, History Channel wants to find the location of the famous missing Yamashita`s Gold.

This is an excellent series with old-fashion taste and old-school treasure hunt for all the history channel’s fans.

If you have watched The Curse of Oak Island and Hunting Hitler, the same format on the History channel as Lost Gold of World War II, you should watch the new series. In series, you can watch a team of experts who crack codes and follow leads to uncover and reveal secrets from World War II.

John Casey and Peter Struzzieri, two experts who lead the Lost Gold team for solving hidden secrets, are searching for the buried treasure in the hills of the Philippines.

The legend says that Yamashita, famous Japanese General, hid a fortune, full of gold, jewels, and different artifacts because he was afraid that the fortune will be taken by the Allied Forces.

The secret of the treasure, where is hidden, gone with Yamashita in February 1946 when he was hung after the war.

We were believed that secret cannot be revealed until the series The Lost Gold of World War II when the show revealed 5 hidden secrets about Yamashita`s treasure.

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1. ‘Grandpa’ holds the key

The most important part of this treasure hunt is so-called ‘Grandpa’, an eyewitness, the man who saw many boxes of treasure brought by Yamashita soldiers. The Philippian farmer said that he gave his animals to soldiers. They carry those treasure up to the hills with the help of animals. After they hide a treasure, they sealed tunnels with explosives. `Grandpa` is crucial for a treasure hunt for Casey and Struzzieri.

2. Discovering a Pyramid

The mountains changed from the time of Yamashita and his forces, for eighty years there only a few clues left behind the people who put the treasure in the mountains. One of them is a pyramid structure and heart imprints on the hand, which can not be made by nature, only humans can do that. The pyramid structure can lead the team to the tunnels made by Yamashita`s army.

3. Cracking a secret code

In the team of Casey and Struzzieri, there are professional code-breakers, who are capable to find and brake markings on the key sites in the mountains. There is a theory that there are secret codes made by Golden Lily group. Those code breakers have a task to find out there a box symbol, which is actually a vault, where is the gold.

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4. Entering Breach 6

Breach 6 is the result of the former diggers of this treasure and their efforts. Many teams until the present moment tried to find gold and artifacts. Breach 6 maybe can bring leads and clues, but maybe can only bring dangers because the soldiers of Yamashita army left the traps.

5. A bottle of cyanide?

One of the team`s camera showed a piece of the smashed glass bottle in Breach 6. It is supposed to be a bottle of cyanide because Japanese soldiers have left it for Allied forces to be poison when they looked for gold. Is this bottle representing one of the numerous traps will lead the team to the treasure?

How to watch The Lost Gold of World War II

BT TV has History Channel, on 327 number, along with H2, Crime + Investigation and Lifetime. If you want to watch The Lost Gold of World War II in HD channel number is 379.