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Tips on how to save on shipping

If you run a business or even an online store you have probably already encountered the problem of expensive shipping fees. You want your merchandise to be delivered safely and quickly, but the conveyance cost is too high, and you can’t let your customers cover this expense because the cost may be larger than the price of the product itself. In the following text, we are going to give you some advice on how to save money.

If you are selling products of different size and weight, our first advice is to ship with a few different carriers because each shipping company offers a variety of diverse rates. Carefully consider the size and weight of each and every product and ship them individually. The same thing goes for the destination of your goods. One company may have low rates when delivering merchandise locally, but they overprice internationally shipments. Finding a few companies probably seems like a time-consuming and nerve-wracking task, but it will eventually pay off.

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When choosing between different freight carriers hire a few of them for one delivery and track their performance. This is especially important if you are shipping merchandise internationally. Compare rates and shipment plans they offer and also different additional features. Some companies like ShipToBox offer other services like Personal Assistant or Warehouse Services. In addition, a number of carriers will allow you to manage and track the delivery progress online, which will save you a lot of time and, in the long run, money. Besides, your customers will be able to track their order and get the estimated time of the delivery. Also, they will be promptly informed in case any problems arise.

Once you have found the best carrier for you, negotiate before hiring them. Since you will be using their services for an extended period of time, you should try to get the best deal you possibly can. Inquire about discounts or other allowance, and they will probably grant you some because they will be getting a long term client.

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Another thing you can do is to cut down the packaging expenses. A lot of people who manage an online business reuse old boxes they have lying around their house or garage. Some carriers will provide you with free boxes, but others will charge you for them. If your goal is to save money, you shouldn’t buy boxes when you can find them almost everywhere – just go to your local grocery store and ask if you can take them. We are sure they will allow you to have them. In case you sell some fragile items, you should use shredded paper when packing them, instead of buying bubble wrap. Your customer won’t care about anything else except the thing they ordered, and you will lower your shipping expenses and at the same time recycle old paper.

Furthermore, you should always have insurance for all your packages. Clearly, transport companies offer you insurance for all your parcels, but their rates are usually pretty steep. That is why you should consider having third party insurance. Third party companies won’t charge you as much as carriers would, and all your packets will be protected.

To conclude, shipping fees can be excessively pricy. In order to reduce these costs, try some of the aforesaid tips and tricks.

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