Live Blackjack vs. Online Blackjack

Blackjack players around the world are often faced with the decision whether to play blackjack online or travel to their favorite bricks-and-mortar casinos. There is no easy solution to this dilemma, so many people choose to make the best of both worlds.

Strategy and Card Counting


The first thing to be considered when it comes to playing blackjack online or in person comes down to the strategy they choose to use. Card counting is not an option in many online venues because the software does not allow for it. Players who use basic strategies such as charts and mathematical probabilities will feel right at home in these venues because the odds of winning any given hand are the same. Read more on bestusaonlinecasinos.

Number of Players

Another thing that must be considered when choosing a venue type is the number of players at any given table. While many players choose to play at smaller tables, others enjoy the banter and camaraderie associated with full tables. Players who really enjoy single-player action and games that progress rapidly will probably do best in online venues. Those who enjoy cheering for others, as well as being cheered for, will enjoy the atmosphere in bricks-and-mortar casinos.


Many gamblers consider the cost of gambling to be an element that is controllable by the size of the wagers placed. While this is true to a certain extent, gambling in an online casino is the more affordable route, by far. Players are not required to pay travel expenses, take time off of work or pay for expensive drinks and meals. They can simply relax in the comforts of their home in their spare time and play any game imaginable.

Gambling is a great pastime that has the potential to earn players lots of money, to boot. Choosing from online and bricks-and-mortar casinos comes down to player preference and nothing more.

Online Blackjack Myths

With all of the people that make a living selling blackjack advice or strategies, it is important for players to understand what is myth and what is fact. The following blackjack myths are commonly mistaken as fact:

Bad players can ruin a game. This simply is not true. There is no arguing that bad players can be annoying, but nothing they can do will impact wins for the rest of the table. Getting a score of 21 without going over is the object of the game. The real objective of a game of blackjack is for a player to beat the dealer.

Blackjack is a game of pure luck. There are many things a player can do in order to increase their odds of winning against the house, so assuming that the game requires no skill is one of the most common blackjack myths. Only geniuses can play blackjack well. Although stories tell of mathematical geniuses who could successfully count cards to win abound, anyone can master blackjack with a little bit of patience.

Card counters must have a photographic memory. There are very few instances of people actually counting cards for their face values. Most card counting strategies rely on grouping cards into high, low, and neutral categories. The best strategy for blackjack is to play like the dealer. Since the dealer cannot split, double down, or surrender, playing like the dealer can cause the casino to gain an extra edge of up to five percent!

Play defensively with the ‘never bust’ strategy. This is also a bad idea, since standing on a hard 12 will cause players to miss out on many opportunities to beat the dealer. Assume the dealer has a 10 in the hole. Although many people do this, it is bad advice and it should be avoided at all costs. Place an insurance bet when the dealer shows an Ace. The odds of winning an insurance bet are slim to none, so it is best avoided in most cases.

Only rich people can enjoy blackjack. While it is very true that blackjack is often associated with high rollers, there are tables that allow for $1.00 bets. Anyone with any size bankroll can play blackjack. These blackjack myths are extremely common and sometimes deter new players from trying the game at all.

Utilizing Free Blackjack Games Online


Finding free Blackjack games is relatively simple – all you have to do is type free Blackjack into a search engine, select one of the sites and you will be amazed at how soon you’ll be playing Blackjack online – however, not all sites are safe, using the sites we recommend here on blackjack-games-online can make for a better playing experience and a safer environment for you to enjoy The greatest thing about playing free online Blackjack is that there’s no downloading of software and installing any programs. The moment you select one of the sites from our list, or from a search engine page, you have access to the game immediately. You can’t miss it; it’ll be displayed over your entire computer screen. Many people view Blackjack games as something simple to play because they think it’s all about getting 21 but there’s more to it than that. It’s more so about how 21 is derived.

The free Blackjack games that you play online brings Vegas right into your living room with the identical rules and settings that govern casino gambling tables around the world. These free games are just as dynamic and graphic as the ones you play for money. There are virtual chips you can throw down and all the trimmings necessary to prepare you for that day when you’re ready to make some real money. These games may not deliver the real goods, but your online winnings add up to fun stuff that’s given away for your earnings. Here, at Blackjack Games Online, we will lead you in the right direction to where you find all the sites where you’re rewarded for playing free Blackjack games.

If you’re not ready to try your luck at winning real money then continue to play the free games until you’re confident that you’re ready. We are not a casino only an informational site, so we won’t push you; our objective is to help prepare you for the big world of online Blackjack. Some of the best players in the world began by playing the free games, and if you want to be the best you need to follow in their footsteps until it’s time to venture off into the world of milk and honey. We cannot overemphasize the fact that because you have chosen Blackjack games online, it demonstrates your desire and passion for the most popular game in the worldwide gaming industry, and if you continue to practice you will soon be ready to start winning some real cash!