Linking News Offers White Label Press Release Distribution Services

White label press release distribution allows for all kinds of businesses, big or small, to be exposed to hundreds or even thousands of social media networks and news outlets around the world. Many business owners today are, and should be, considering using services of white label press release distribution. What that means for the businesses is that their press releases will reach millions of people everywhere in the world.

White label press release technically means that any press release of the business using these distribution services, will not be published on the website of the provider of these services. Also, the brand of the provider will not be mentioned on the press release and report. This is a clean and professional solution for any business today.

There are two types of white label press release distribution services that clients can choose from. The first one is Unbranded press release, and the second one is a private label press release. We will now explain the differences and benefits of both types.

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An unbranded press release allows businesses to distribute their news and articles without mentioning the name of the distributor in the press release, meaning no one will know that the business is using distribution services from external sources. That makes the Unbranded press release an effective and professional solution.

On the other side, there is a private label press release distribution. What this means for the business is that it will be able to spread the news and articles to their clients with their own brand name on it.

Linking News is one of the best press release distribution services with the network that includes more than 1000 social media networks and over 10000 new outlets all around the world. They enable the businesses to be featured on networks such as ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS.

They offer three different packages based on the needs of the business. The first one, Basic package, covers the private label, some major newspapers and news site, as well as industry news sites, financial feed sites and regional and local news sites.

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The second one, Standard package, offers everything the Basic does, plus television networks, radio station sites, ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX.

And lastly, the Diamond package covers everything the Standard package does, plus MSNBC and Reuters.

What the owner of the business should do is select a package that best fits the needs of the business and submits the press release. The Linking News will take care of everything else.

The businesses benefit greatly from having their name on important news outlets while the press release services get content for promotion. Of course, the privacy is guaranteed with both, private label press release as well as with Unbranded press release. That means that the fact that the business is using press release distribution services from an external source, will remain unknown to clients and competitors.